Sunday, September 26, 2010

We spent Friday night in lovely St. George, Utah at the Tuacahn ampitheater
enjoying a fantastic production of Tarzan. I forgot my camera so you just have to
enjoy the web site photos, which do not do justice
to the real thing, trust me.
I love Tuacahn! It is such a beautiful place to be enjoying a musical.
When the night came upon us and you could see moths in the stage lights, Ava
turned to her mom and asked; "Are we outside?" Too funny! And, this girl
is not even blonde!
The songs were great, acting superb, and I did love the rope swinging!
We took Matthew, Laura, Max, Ava, and Isaac. I do believe Max
and Isaac enjoy the theater more than their father!
The next day Matthew and Laura hiked the narrows with some ward
friends and Scott and I enjoyed one on one time with our own little monkeys!
Max would imitate Tarzan and then Isaac would imitate Max. That was
a true kodak moment. Too bad I did not have her with me.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I May Not Be Whole, But I Am Purrrrrr....fect!

It was about two years ago when my mother cat gave birth to a litter of kittens. The cutest cat and the one with the most personality, Gus, was placed in a good home, which lasted for three months before he ended up back at Grandma's house. The other four were to become farm cats, which sometimes translates into a short life span. This would be the case for Gus's siblings, all but Miss Molly. She was a survivor. The story began when the hired farm hand came to combine the grain. Cats and kittens LOVE to hide in the field. Great place to play a game of cat and mouse! Mother cats are smart and they run when they hear the sound of the tractor coming , kittens just freeze. As did this litter. I assumed they were all done in, but that evening while staining the deck here came the momma cat with a little one limping along besides her. I picked up the kitten and accessed the situation. All four paws had been chopped off to varying degrees. She had bled, but the great Sutherland clay soil attached to the blood and stopped her from bleeding to death. I put her in the garage and headed to my local pharmacy the next day. The pharmicist gave me some great and not so great advice: (Claudia, have Howard shoot her.) I followed his 'great' advice and practiced my nursing skills on Molly. One vet told me she would die from gangerine, but he did not understand this little lady. She was meant to live. Molly is now two years old and the sweetest house cat ever. The plus side to Molly was I did not have to have her de-clawed! Just gave her her shots. Gus on the other hand was de-clawed. Brother and sister both live with us in our 'town house.' They do wrestle, and Molly can run pretty dang fast when frightened. I do believe I am going to have to go with 'lean cuisine' for Miss Molly. She is much more of a couch potatoe than Gus. I do love and enjoy them both, just wish cats did not shed. But the best part is...Scott actually loves Miss Molly. Scott usually does not get attached to pets, especially house pets. So Miss Molly this post is for 'mew'!

Friday, September 17, 2010

No 'yolk'..have a happy day!

You know it is going to be a great day when you crack four eggs and come up with this! No, I did not do it on purpose, they just dropped into the bowl that way so I had to do a photo shoot.