Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Funeral To Die For

I suppose before I begin with his funeral I should introduce you to Burnell. 

I first met Burnell and his mother Blanche while working in Customer Service at Quality Market.  Delta folklore has it that Burnell's father was in a bar when he announced that the next woman to walk through the door would become his wife.  Blanche was the next woman to walk through the door.  She was quite a bit younger than her spouse.  He was deceased by the time I became acquainted with the Ferry's.  Blanche and Burnell were both small in stature.  Blanche was very petite and she always wore a coat! They were limited in their financial resources as well as in their intellectual capabilities. Thus cleanliness was not of the utmost importance.  However they were not limited with their smiles and happy nature.  Whenever I think of them I always picture them happy and smiling.  Burnell hauled garbage to the dump for people (including the store).  Blanche was always in the truck with Burnell.  You never saw one without the other until Blanche passed away and then Burnell found him a dog that traveled with him.  Another Delta folklore has it that one day Burnell turned the corner too fast and Blanche fell out.  He hit the brakes, backed up, picked her up, put her back in the truck and away they went.

When Burnell passed away I invited Scotts Aunt June to attend the service with me.  It was a very small service held at the local mortuary.  The service was not so much about Burnell as it was about a community coming together to help the less fortunate.  Burnell would haul  garbage to the dump for Quality Market and in return he and Blanche were allowed to shop for all their needs.  Burnell would charge gas at the local Co-Op.  He was proud of the fact that he only charged gas, never any goodies.  He did not quite comprehend the need to pay for the gas and the Co-Op never sent him a bill. Burnell owned an old truck.  He thought it needed a new engine and most likely it did!  Delta Auto ordered a new engine and Burnell would come in monthly to make a small payment.  A ghost payment also arrived monthly and within the year the new engine was paid off. 

I left the service feeling uplifted about the anonymous kindness of others.  I was  grateful I attended, grateful to have known Blanche and Burnell and grateful for the community I live in.  Yes, it was a funeral service to die for so to speak!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Prom Now and Then

Delta's Prom is somewhat different than I remember Prom being in 1969 or 1970 at R.H.S.  It begins months in advance.  Shopping for the perfect dress, which can cost around $500.00 when you add in matching shoes and jewelry.  The trick is to have no two dresses that look alike.  Mother and daughter must travel up north, down south in search of the 'perfect' one of a kind dress.  When it is found it usually has to be altered to conform with dress code. 
I saw a young woman in this dress.  It was pulled up higher and straps were added.  She looked lovely!

Then there is the quest for the date.  Some young men ask the girl of their dreams months in advance.  Only to discover that 6 months later their dream has changed!  So silly to ask so far in advance.  

Prom is an all day affair.  A day date, evening dinner, dance and sometimes breakfast and movies after.  The parents ( and any other adult who wants to go) attend Prom for the first 30 minutes.  It begins with an introduction of the young woman and her escort.  This is  followed by the Promenade (a choreographed dance for all interested couples).  After the promenade fathers, guardians, grandfathers, friends etc. head down to the dance floor for a slow dance with their princess.   Fathers and daughters then leave the dance floor and mothers and sons have their turn dancing together.  After this ritual the adults are nicely asked to leave and the enchanted evening is turned over to the youth. 

My friend Marjie invited me to attend Prom with her Saturday night. It was much more enjoyable than attending   any high school prom of my own!  It was also much more enjoyable than attending with my children.  Just an evening to relax and take it all in.  The decorations were some of the best I have ever seen.  After all of the drama that took place concerning the dress code I thought the youth looked simply wonderful.  As for those who wanted to enforce a much stricter dress code...I think they have lived in an L.D.S. Utah bubble way too long!

As for a beautiful retro prom photo I have one I would like to share.

It is not so much about the dress (which I am certain did not cost any where near $500.00), but more about the beauty of the young woman.  Though her date has the look of a deer caught in the headlights!  Thank goodness for old yearbooks!  Yes, she signed the yearbook which explains the name up the sleeve.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Ever Elusive Leprechaun

Every March Mrs. Nielson (our preschool teacher) talks to the children about Leprechauns.  Sharing with them one St. Patricks Day story after another. She shows them a picture of a pot and asks them if a pot is real.  The answer is always yes.  She  shows them a picture of a rainbow and ask them if rainbows are real.  Once again the answer is yes.  She  shows them a picture of gold and ask them if gold is real.  Yes, yes, yes! 
Then she  shows a picture of a Leprechaun and asks them if Leprechaun's are real.  The answer is no.  No Leprechaun's are NOT real.  This is a fact they all agree on.  March 16th arrives.  The children  set a trap to catch the Leprechaun.  Imagination's  soar and the classroom is filled with anticipation and excitement. March 17th  arrives.  Entering the classroom the children are greeted  with gold dust (gold glitter works great!), small white footprints and a trap that has obviously gone off.  A good sign the Leprechaun is caught!  Quietly and slowly Mrs. Nielson  lifts the trap and much to every one's surprise the Leprechaun is no where to be found!  We all know a Leprechaun is NOT real!  But... he did leave a black pot and it is full of gold , gold Rolos that is.  Next year a new group of students will excitedly set a trap to catch the ever elusive non-existent Leprechaun.  Happy St. Patricks Day!  May you be blessed with the Luck of the Irish.  Whether that be finding a pot, finding a rainbow, finding gold or finding the excitement and anticipation that exists in the hearts of children everywhere!

The trap is closed.  Good Sign!

 No Leprechaun!  Just a black pot.

Sharing the 'gold'.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

Mr. B travelled to Henderson, Nevada for a four day conference.  Mrs. B (that would be myself) tagged along.  I learned something about myself during my stay. 

I love light! But  I am particular with what type of light I enjoy. I love sunlight, moonlight, starlight and accent lights like the one on the Hotel at night. 

I do NOT like, nope not one little bit Casino lights.
I call them 'migraine headache' lights.

I also love sounds.  The hum of an oil well as it rhythmically pumps up and down. 

 The sound of the tractor on a beautiful summer day or the sound of the train as it pulses through town. 

But as with light I do have sounds I do not like.  In particular, I do not care for the sound of the slot machine. 

Which leads me to my twist on the statement,
"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." 
Here it goes...
What happens in Vegas CAN stay in Vegas. 
I will take Delta, Utah any day.

P.S.  I did get quite a bit of work done on my counted cross stitch project!