Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Reason for the Season

When our children were younger we would quite often take them to Salt Lake City the Friday after Thanksgiving for a mini-vacation. A hotel was always such a treat! Plus we would watch them turn the lights on at Temple Square, a spectacular sight! One year, as we walked around the grounds, the church had a display of Nativities from around the world. This gave me an idea and thus began my collection! A few years back we let the children each choose one nativity that they would someday like to inherit.

James Christiansen is the artist behind this nativity.
I LOVE his depiction of the camel and three Kings.

Scott LOVES the fact that Joseph is holding baby Jesus.
It also comes with a shepherd, the shepherds wife and child,
and the innkeeper. It is by far our most fragile and most expensive nativity.
Matthew Bud choose this one.

While visiting New Orleans one time with my hubby and
some other MSD employees I came across this nativity.
It was love at first sight! I love the fact that the children are putting
on the Christmas Pageant! I love the fact that they are
African American or Black! The gift the King is presenting
to baby Jesus is none other than a pet frog. A perfect gift
coming from the heart of a child.
It too has other pieces that are not in the photo.
Jonathan Scott and Phillip Noel both choose this as their number one choice.
I purchased an extra one and Jon and Mel already have theirs.
This one will go to Phillip.

While serving in the Singapore Mission Alizabeth came across this nativity and purchased it for us. Obviously, it will go to her, but NOT until I am gone!
I LOVE it.
I love the diversity it represents.
I would post a photo of the nativity she choose, but Mr. B already put it away.
It was the one she was raised on. My first purchase was an all white
porcelain Avon nativity set. My least favorite, but she chose it for the memory
it evokes. Anyway, I am glad she gets this one. Otherwise I would feel bad because
I so do not care for the Avon one!

This is my Raiku nativity and once again it is one of my favorites, but it
was not number one on any ones list!Laura liked it best, but being a nice wife (too nice)
she let Matthew choose and he choose the first one. I tend to prefer the ones that
are not traditionally Caucasian.

This one was the one I grew up with as a child.
Religion was not a big thing with my folks so I was glad to see
they did at least display a nativity. I really do need to put some
'thatch' up on the roof! Did get the light working so it could have a star!

I do have a play dough nativity that my children made for me one year when Matthew, Laura, Jon, Mel, and Lizzy were all living in Logan. It is most wonderful! Matthews idea, but when you look at the pieces you can tell who is the crafty, talented one in the family. No offense to anyone, but I think we can all pick out the pieces Melanie shaped! I will have to take a photo of it next year. It is put away also. Along with the paper one that the church produced some 45 years ago. Janet found me a couple at DI and I found two at a garage sale I was helping with. Thus this post will be continued in 2011, same time, same place.

May we all remember throughout the upcoming year the wonderous event of our Saviors birth, life, and atoning sacrifice. May we each remember we are an inn keeper who decides whether to let Him in or not. May we be as the Wise men and seek Him out and let Him in our lives. God bless us all.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ornaments from Christmas Past

As one ages Christmas becomes a rather nostalgic time.
A time when one reflects on childhood Christmases from years gone by.
Whether they be from your own childhood
the childhood of your grown children who are now hosting
Christmases of their own.
This final showing of ornaments definitely evokes a stronger feeling of
melancholy than the first posting.
Obviously, because these ornaments take me farther
back in time!
This adorable little boy is my Philliup when he
was probably in Kindergarten! It is not dated, but
it is obviously the work of a teacher, but it is his cute little face.
He is now 24 and 1/2 years old and he is still and forever my baby!
My little frosty snowgirl is Alizabeth Annie back when she was 7 years of age!
She is now 28 and a first time new mom! She will always be our little girl.
Next to her on the tree is my 'beary' special little Jonathan.
Once again it is not dated, but I am thinking he was probably 7 or 8.
He is now 30! Father of 3! He was my busiest baby
and also lays claim to fame as my Hardy child.
He will always be my Hardy child.
Wish I had an ornament of my Matthew Bud, but obviously his teachers
did not make ornaments with photos for I have none.
Perhaps I should make one this yearwhen he is 31! He will always be my firstborn.
The one who introduced me to motherhood.

These last 3 ornaments are the oldest surviving ornaments
that adorn my tree. They were on my big, fat bushy
childhood pine tree. Hanging right next to those silver icicles.
Merry Christmas mom and dad!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ornaments from the heart

I well remember the year I tried tole painting classes.
This and a rocking horse for Jonathan were my only projects.
I discovered I did not have the patience, time, patience,money,
oh and yes most important...talent!
I have a difficult time painting in the lines
let only free styling it!
Little Miss Gingerbread is a constant Christmas reminder that
I need to develop patience and Tole Painting is not for everyone!
This angel was made for me one year by one of our
very own Sutherland 2nd angels. Isn't she sweet,
just like Jackie. A most remarkable young wife and mother.
It reminds me of the faith, dedication, and
testimony of a true angel I know.
This little bell has been adorning my Christmas tree for many
years. It was handmade especially for me from my most favorite Wells aunt,
Aunt Margaret. Oh, the wonderful memories I have of her
and her family. She always made me feel loved and
welcome. She is a good, good soul! Her own heart
rings out with joy and love!
(p.s. Sorry Aunt Margaret for the waterfight inside your house!)

Another angel that adorns my tree and the
story that goes with her. Scott and I in our early years
would purchase a big, bushy, sticky, fat pine tree.
I had made a chain for the tree out of ribbon, the
exact ribbon that adorns this angel. Sue was our friend. Scott
taught piano to her children. She was an observant, crafty, giving,
caring lady. She made 6 or so of these for our tree one year. That had to have
been about 25 years ago.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ornaments From Around the States

Spring of 2005
San Antonio, Texas
A very fun vacation for Scott, Claudia , and Phillip!
A sea shell painted by a local artist.
The above ornament came straight from
Hershey Park, Hershey, PA.
A fun filled time with Jon, Mel, and kids!
The ornament below also came from Pennsylvania
and a trip to visit our Hershey Bassetts.
We visited Amish country side and I found this in
an Amish gift shop. I could not afford their
beautiful handmade quilts so this was 2nd best!

This lil guy comes from the Washington, D.C. Zoo.
Along with memories of Matthew, Laura, and kids &
Ben and Liz summer of 2009. The Utah Bassetts
headed east to visit our east coast Bassetts/Szilagyis

My newest and latest ornament comes from a
local art botique in Virginia.
I purchased it on my last trip to Virginia
while visiting Ben, Liz, and the newest grandbaby, Reid.
I wanted the crane because it reminded me of my reading
group I had two years ago. Five of the most wonderful
2nd graders. We read "Sadako and the 1000 Cranes"
then we made our own paper cranes. Not near as fancy as the
one above!

While posting this blog I realized how much I am going to miss visiting Pennsylvania and the Washington D.C. area. Both are such wonderful places. Not sure Nebraska and
Wisconsin can make the grade. Sorry kids!
Perhaps Scott and I should move back east and the children
could come visit us!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Many Faces of Gus

Too bad all this beauty is wasted on a male.
I LOVE it when the ironing board is left up.
One of my favorite places to catch some z's.

A true couch potato in his finest form.
Did I mention this was a male cat?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"While visions of Jonathan Scott danced in my head"

This morning I sat pondering all the wonderful things I am so very thankful for. One event in particular came to view. In my minds eye I could see 30 years past when Scott and I were blessed with a new little son. The memories which came flooding in brought to my heart more things to be thankful for. Let me share a few with you. I am thankful the green gallon of paint sitting on our pantry shelf was water based and not oil based paint. It was much easier to clean up off the little one, the floor, and everywhere else it landed! I am thankful that when he broke open bottled cherries to snack on he was not cut inside or out! The Dr. told me next time to serve them with cream! I am thankful he was waaaaaay younger than the age of 8 when he and his older brother decided to give Racey Car (the kitten) a bath in the water trough. Sad to report Racey Car did not survive the bath (or should I say baptism or perhaps drowning is the word I am really looking for.) I am very grateful I was not within too close of distance when his stock show cow jumped over the moon. Okay, it actually jumped over the fence and I thought it was sooooo funny I busted out laughing. He did NOT think it was funny and the Bassett/Hardy temper combo came out in full force. The memory of it all still makes me laugh to this day. Sorry. I am so thankful for all of these memories and so many more. Too many to mention. I am thankful for the birth of this child, for the fine young man he grew up to be, for the good choices he has made in his lifetime. I am thankful he married Miss Mel and has given me 3 beautiful grandchildren to love. Thank you Jonathan for being you and may you have a most wonderful birthday! May you also be blessed with a little one just like you! Hide all the paint Melanie!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

I love Christmas! I love having a real tree 'planted' in the corner of my family room for the duration of one month. As a child I remember the Christmas tree as being a Pinon Pine. A big, fat bushy thing. They smell wonderful! The neighbors always had a fir of some sort. A skinny tree. As a child I always liked our fat one the best. When I think of decorating the tree images of my father come to mind. I see him putting on the lights, hanging the ornaments, and neatly arranging silver icicles. Do they still sell those? The lights were big colored bulbs and the ornaments are what we now refer to as 'vintage.' It is so nice to know thatI am now what we refer to as 'vintage'! As an adult I understand why Mildred chose the fir tree. Much easier to place and show ornaments! Much easier to decorate. Yes, I get a fir. I do tiny white lights and ribbon for garland. I do not do a theme tree because I have ornaments family and friends have bought or made for me. I also purchase an ornament when I travel to remind me of my ventures. So my tree is a helter skelter tree! But I do so enjoy it, especially at night when all the house lights are off and only the Christmas lights are on.

"O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, much pleasure dost thou bring me! For ev'ry year the Christmas tree, brings to us all both joy and glee. O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, much pleasure dost thou bring me!"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


"I love Grandma's kitchen!"
"It is 6:00 a.m.- just Grandma and I are
up and I am ready to cook."
"But first I need this pan that
is wayyyy back there."
"Got it! I knew I could do it!"
"And, this is where I will cook my meal
or trip my folks as they come down the stairs."
This is Isaac.
This is Grandma's little helper?!
His vocabulary is somewhat limited.
His favorite word is...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


One of Websters definition for tradition : "the handing down of information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instructions." America has the tradition of celebrating a day of giving thanks on the fourth Thursday of November. It is actually a legal holiday. Each family takes it from there and establishes their own customs for this particular day. As a child and youth I do not recollect many memories of this day. I do hope I told my mother thank you for a delicious meal. She was a great cook and we had delicious meals on a regular basis. My father worked to provide the food on the table and I am certain I did not tell him thanks! In their later years they enjoyed going to Wendover for Thanksgiving. They went with my Uncle Kenny and Aunt Margaret, her brother and sis in law. I never could wrap my brain around that way of celebrating the holiday. Wasn't Thanksgiving all about being surrounded with family ( aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents), feasting on food (way too much of it!) and great entertainment (visiting together in loud voices, playing games, and ESPN)? Looking at it that way I guess they were surrounded with family (brother, sister, family of mankind, and no one under the age of 21)! They had all the buffet food their little tummies could hold (hey, what about the leftovers). And, yes they were thoroughly entertained (the one arm bandit , poker, etc.) That Thanksgiving tradition just does not appeal to me. I am actually looking forward to utter chaos and absolute exhaustion. I will lose control of the remote. My house will be horribly messy (beds unmade, dirty dishes laying around, toys scattered hither, tither and yon, and cupboards opened and emptied (do you get the vision?). I will be surrounded by those I love, ages 1 to 56. How thankful I am for all of that! Better get busy with some cleaning ( I am the crazy type who likes it clean the first five minutes of arrival) and cooking (I am the crazy type who makes my own pies and rolls. One year I even made an Aunt June Fickle Pickle Pie ,only Lisa enjoyed it!) Today I will try a new recipe for white chocolate pie along with the good ole regulars. Whatever your Thanksgiving tradition may you enjoy the company of loved ones, full tummies, and an attitude of gratitude for all our many blessings! I know I will be counting mine and believe me when I say...there are too many to count!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Died and Gone to Heaven

Yes, I have died and gone to Heaven. And this is what it looks like. Family. The newborn baby sucking and cooing at his mothers breast. Two Ethiopian adult males, one dressed in a plum colored garment signifying he is the Pastor of his Orthodox church. The three beautiful young Afghani men. I suppose a young man does not want to be referred to as beautiful, but truly they were and truly I told them they were. Gotta love elevator time! It looks like the one lovely woman from India dressed in her native attire and like the two very nice, very white women I met at "A Show of Hands" pottery store. I so love the diversity of the east coast. I personally can not imagine an all white Heaven. I love beautiful brown skin, dark eyes, and black hair. I love the color and style of the cultures of the world. Yes, the family of mankind makes for a beautiful Heaven, does it not!

LoVe At FiRsT SiGhT

Introducing my newest love...
Reid Scott Szilagyi!
Reid came into my life
October 24th @ 3:45 a.m.
He weighed in at 9 lbs. 15 oz
and is 23 inches long.
He LoVeS ...
tummy time with Grandma,
kissing grandma while rooting
and neck nibbles from his granny!
I do have one teeny disappointment though for his parents and grandpa...
I firmly believe Reid is...are you all ready for this???
A staunch Republican! He is always first in line for the 'free handout'
(though it is actually not a hand if you get my jest)
and is 'milking' the system for all it is worth.
I just LOVE this little guy!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

We spent Friday night in lovely St. George, Utah at the Tuacahn ampitheater
enjoying a fantastic production of Tarzan. I forgot my camera so you just have to
enjoy the web site photos, which do not do justice
to the real thing, trust me.
I love Tuacahn! It is such a beautiful place to be enjoying a musical.
When the night came upon us and you could see moths in the stage lights, Ava
turned to her mom and asked; "Are we outside?" Too funny! And, this girl
is not even blonde!
The songs were great, acting superb, and I did love the rope swinging!
We took Matthew, Laura, Max, Ava, and Isaac. I do believe Max
and Isaac enjoy the theater more than their father!
The next day Matthew and Laura hiked the narrows with some ward
friends and Scott and I enjoyed one on one time with our own little monkeys!
Max would imitate Tarzan and then Isaac would imitate Max. That was
a true kodak moment. Too bad I did not have her with me.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I May Not Be Whole, But I Am Purrrrrr....fect!

It was about two years ago when my mother cat gave birth to a litter of kittens. The cutest cat and the one with the most personality, Gus, was placed in a good home, which lasted for three months before he ended up back at Grandma's house. The other four were to become farm cats, which sometimes translates into a short life span. This would be the case for Gus's siblings, all but Miss Molly. She was a survivor. The story began when the hired farm hand came to combine the grain. Cats and kittens LOVE to hide in the field. Great place to play a game of cat and mouse! Mother cats are smart and they run when they hear the sound of the tractor coming , kittens just freeze. As did this litter. I assumed they were all done in, but that evening while staining the deck here came the momma cat with a little one limping along besides her. I picked up the kitten and accessed the situation. All four paws had been chopped off to varying degrees. She had bled, but the great Sutherland clay soil attached to the blood and stopped her from bleeding to death. I put her in the garage and headed to my local pharmacy the next day. The pharmicist gave me some great and not so great advice: (Claudia, have Howard shoot her.) I followed his 'great' advice and practiced my nursing skills on Molly. One vet told me she would die from gangerine, but he did not understand this little lady. She was meant to live. Molly is now two years old and the sweetest house cat ever. The plus side to Molly was I did not have to have her de-clawed! Just gave her her shots. Gus on the other hand was de-clawed. Brother and sister both live with us in our 'town house.' They do wrestle, and Molly can run pretty dang fast when frightened. I do believe I am going to have to go with 'lean cuisine' for Miss Molly. She is much more of a couch potatoe than Gus. I do love and enjoy them both, just wish cats did not shed. But the best part is...Scott actually loves Miss Molly. Scott usually does not get attached to pets, especially house pets. So Miss Molly this post is for 'mew'!

Friday, September 17, 2010

No 'yolk'..have a happy day!

You know it is going to be a great day when you crack four eggs and come up with this! No, I did not do it on purpose, they just dropped into the bowl that way so I had to do a photo shoot.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Precious moments

The first week of school is behind us. Actually, for Delta Early Childhood Center the first two days are behind us and they did not pass without moments of humor. One took place with a parent, the other with a child.
Story #1: It was the very first day of school. A father came in to the office to pay his little daughter's lunch money. Little did he know what was in store for him. Had he known I am 100% certain he would not have entered. There were 4 women in the office: myself, the assistant, a mother, and the school nurse. Four women, one man. Not just any man mind you, a father and a police officer in full uniform. He paid the lunch payment and then................then the school nurse cornered him about his daughters food allergies. He has a daughter in preschool and one in kindergarten. Both have food allergies. The nurse was relentless with her questioning. All for a good cause, mind you. She has the interest of the two children at heart and breakfast is soon to be served. Can they eat the muffins, drink the milk? But ...she forgot she was talkiing to the father and really what do fathers know? Not much unless the mother tells him and after all he had only been told to come in and pay for lunch. The interrogation was too much for one man to handle. In exasperation he threw his hands in the air (did he think he was under arrest!) and said: "I am getting freaking frustrated. I just came in to pay lunch. I don't know what they can and can not eat. Their mom takes care of that!" Dang it was funny. Anyway, it was funny for us four moms! Bless his heart! He is a great father and guy and I think when he sees the school nurse approaching he should turn and run the other direction!
Story #2: Friday afternoon Danny missed the bus. I had Danny in the office. I had phoned his mom and she was on her way to pick him up. He seemed rather bored so I decided to visit with him. I asked him what his favorite part of the day was. He looked perlexed by this question and so I reworded it. "Danny, what did you do today at school that you really liked?" He was deep in thought and then he replied: "My teacher is soooooo bossy!" Okay, let's try it again. "Well Danny, what did you learn today at school?" This did not take any thought. He blurts out: "Well, I did NOT learn to read!" So he has a bossy teacher who did not teach him to read. I do not think Friday was his best day, but I'll tell you what, he made my afternoon. He needs to miss the bus every Friday so I have my Danny moment. He is a funny child!
But now I ask you all.....what did you learn today?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Grandchildren....Our investments have paid off with BIG dividends!

Cupcake Frosting is finger licking good!
I can not decide if they did this project right before bed (hence the p.j.'s)
Or right after they awoke .
Either way, sugar is good right before bed or for
breakfast in the morning!
Jaedon showing Grandma his first masterpiece.
Livy is still intently placing the frosting.

While Jaedon and Livy decorated cupcakes
Sofia enjoyed a mini size Fat Boy ice cream.

We enjoyed watching Sofia eat it!

Melanie, Sofia, Livy, and Jaedon enjoying some time on the tramp.
A BIG thanks to Melanie for coming for a visit.
That is a l-o-n-g drive period, but to come alone with
three little ones...what a woman is all I can say!
Thanks Mel!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Flip Side of Sunday Happenings

  • My last post could have been entitled : "The Serious Side of Sunday." Sundays are not always so serious, in fact, there are times it can be highly entertaining. Today happened to be one of those times. Relief Society had begun. I was sitting on the next to the back row. Behind me is a pathway and behind that pathway is a row of chairs lined up against the wall. The very back row is where you sit when you wish to be out of the watchful eye of the teacher! Hoping never to be called upon. Hoping you won't be caught visiting and passing notes! Does that ring a familiar High School Days scenario? The sister began presenting her lesson. The sisters behind me began their chatter. They had quite a bit to talk about one with another. They spoke rather loudly. At this point I was thinking, "Holy Hannah girls, keep it down." Then I heard one of them say: "Here I will share my treats with you." I was now seriously thinking I was definitely sitting in the wrong row! Next one heard the sound of paper as the treats were being passed along, opened, and then stuffed in their purses or whatever. This was followed by the sound of crunching and chopping. Obviously, the treat had to be some sort of hard candy, like a mint. Now I was quite curious as to who was sitting behind me, but I did not dare turn around and stare. That would be rude! Once the treats were devoured they began talking about who had surgery. That explained it all. Louder talking (we no longer have the ability to hear like we use to), mints (little old ladies and mints seem to go hand in hand), and health issues ( the most important and only subject matter to discuss, other than funerals.) As I left the room I did take a peek and yes it was our dear older sisters enjoying Relief Society to the fullest! Bless their hearts! I suppose I should define older knowing that I am an 'older' sister to my teenage neighbor. Okay, they could be my mom! Strange to think I do not have too long before I am their age. Nice thing about that age is your behavior is no longer considered rude, just highly entertaining.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday happenings...

Today as I sat down in church I noticed that Bonnie Shamos husband was sitting right next to her! It was a rather odd sight. Why so? I have been attending Delta Fifth Ward for 16 months now and the entire time I have attended Steve Shamo has been our Bishop! He has always been sitting behind the pulpit! Last Sunday President Chappell (who is also Mr. Chappell and my boss at D.E.C.C.) came to our ward and by sustaining vote re-organized our Bishopric. I have attended services from numerous denominations and they all have a pastor, minister, priest, etc. who has been to some type of schooling and earns an income while officiating over the congregation. Not so in the LDS church. Bishop Shamo has been the Bishop for a little over 5 years. He is also one of our local Doctors. He has received no financial pay for his service, just lots of blessings. He attended no religious school, was just a worthy priesthood holder who willingly donated lots of his personal time to the members of our Ward. A very good man. Today my next door neighbor, Noreen, was sitting alone with her children. And, where was Laren? He was sitting behind the pulpit! Bishop LeFevre is now our new Bishop. He is our next door neighbor, a seminary teacher, and a very fine man. He and Noreen are also the ones who lost a son a few months ago in a car accident. It has been a rather amazing experience watching them handle this difficult trial. He wrote his first , of many, Bishopric monthly messages. I loved it and want to share it with you (I did get his permission first!) It is somewhat long, but oh so beautiful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
"A few summers ago I stood on the crest of the hill known as the "Eminence'. This hill is located on the Pioneer trail in Wyoming. It looks down on the Sweetwater River where the Willie Company was stranded, cold, and starving. I read from their journals of the joy of their rescue. 'Just as the sun was sinking beautifully behind the distant hills several covered wagons were see coming towards us. The news ran through the camp like wildfire, shouts of joy rent the air, strong men men wept till tears ran freely down their furrowed and sun-burnt cheeks..with hearts filled with gratitude to God and our good brethren, we all united in prayer, and then retired to rest.' (John Chislett) At that moment, standing on the same hill from which the Willie Company first saw their rescuers, I had a great spiritual experience. I saw myself in a situation similar the the handcart pioneers. Not that I was freezing or hungry. But that I was mortal and as such I face sin and death. Because of these two things I am in desperate need of being rescued. We all are. We need someone who is willing and able to save us and help us make it home. We need our Savior Jesus Christ. He is the only one who can help. I love the words of Alma: '...he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people. And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowel may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities.' The word succor means to run to, to help. During our most difficult times, Christ will help us, He will run to us, and rescue us. I know this from personal experience. As difficult as these past few months have been for me and my family, we have felt, on a daily basis, the lifting, strengthening power of the Atonement succor us. We have felt the love of Christ more deeply than ever before. I testify that Christ died for us. I also testify that Christ lives for us. As we turn to Him , He will wrap His arms around us and help us experience true joy. I love you and I am grateful for this opportunity to serve you."
Yes, I think Laren LeFevre will make a mighty fine Bishop!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The other day I was visiting with a lovely young woman who attended Colorado Northwestern Community College for one year. CNCC is located in Rangely, Colorado, one of the towns I call 'home'. She hated Rangely. I LOVED it! She asked me what we did there for fun. Oh, the stories I could tell! Truth or dare and knocking on Mr. Hilkeys door to borrow a cup of sugar we did not need only to take the dare and return it a few minutes later, snipe hunting, pushing the neighbor boys little blue car down the hill and driving off in the middle of the night, riding bikes to town with girlfriends, sleepovers, tubing on a hill not far from our house, having the McCarvers over while Santa came to their house on Christmas Eve, and the list goes on. As I reflect back on Rangely days I do so with fondness. I can not think of one single regret (perhaps that is due to age!) just a lot of fun times and tender memories. Of course, this is all due to the fact that I was blessed with wonderful neighbors and fantastic friends! A blessing that seems to have followed me throughout my life. From life on 'the hill' to life on 'the farm' to life 'in town'. Whether it be childhood days, teenage years, college and missionary times, etc. I have been blessed to know many wonderful souls who have enriched my life. To all of you I say thanks! And, yes I did absolutely love growing up in the Rangely, Colorado oil field area!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fish Lake Wildlife

The itsy, bitsy spider.
Ava and I bird watched for 30 minutes.
He kept coming back for her left over muffin.

He was a rather fat little Robin.
Here he is puffing out his chest and head feathers.
I could not decide if he was trying to frighten us
away or just show off for us ladies.
Whatever... he was very entertaining

The 'mama Robin' feeding her 'little baby Robin'. Wish I had a photo of the mouse that was rummaging in our kitchen garbage can at 1 a.m. He looked so busted. Reminded me of catching my teenage child as he was trying to sneak either in or out of the house! Let's see which child was that now? Oh yeah, the one without a life jacket in the boating photo shoot. Anyway I consider mice pets and Scott has a fear of them so the little guy was lucky he was busted by me! Also wish I had a photo of the cutest little squirrel(or was he a chipmunk?) I left him out some peanuts. As he was enjoying his treat I was enjoying mine...watching him eat. When out of the blue my darling little Max threw a rock at him! Max received lecture # 107. While I gave it to him his father just sat with a 'squirrely' grin on his face. Children!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fish Lake Wildlife at its Finest!

Hugging and Smooching and enjoying every minute of it!

I dare you to try to take my Oreo cookie!
I must warn you I am armed and dangerous!
I would not mess with me and my cookie
if I was you!

Is he laughing at a joke? Picking something
out of his teeth? Only Phil knows for sure!

Life jackets? Check.
Rickety tin boat? Check.
Fishing Poles and licenses? Check.
Life Insurance Policies in order? Ummm not sure about that one.

Two hours later the mighty fishermen,
women, and children
were rained out,
but not before Matthew caught the one and
only trout.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Turning One Can Be Such Fun

"Hey, what is this big red cherry doing on top
of my cupcake?"
"So glad I have been lifting weights with
Uncle Phil, this thing is heavy!"
"And, who keeps putting this stupid hat
on my head?"

"There is more than one way to
eat my birthday cake."
"Where's the cake?
All I got was a mouthfull of frosting."
Happy First Birthday Isaac!
We love you!