Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Food for Thought

The elderly woman's life was winding down.  It was just a matter of time really before her mortal remains returned to mother earth and her spirit to that God who gave her life.  I paid the dear sister a visit and for lack of conversation I inquired of her on the condition of her children, who lived relatively close by.  With sadness in her being she shook her head and slowly said:  "I do not see much of them.  They have very busy lives."  The subject then changed to the weather, news, etc.

I have often reflected on this scenario, but recently it has taken a new twist for me.

Could this experience  not be a type for me in my personal life?  I have a Heavenly Father who provides for me, cares for me and loves me more than any one else does.  He is always there for me.  But sadly, many times He does not see or hear from me because I choose to busy my life with other things.  Too busy to talk to Him through personal prayer.  Too busy to listen to Him by feasting on His word.  Does He sadly shake His head when someone inquires of Him, "How is your daughter doing".  Does he reply with:  "I do not see or hear much from  her, she has chosen other things over me."

The elderly woman is no longer here.  Even if her family wanted to pay her a visit they would be unable to do so.  Unlike the elderly woman He is always there for us to visit with.  With arms outstretched He waits for us to un-busy our lives and pay Him a visit.