Saturday, April 27, 2013

The 'Magic' of the Big Yellow School Bus

My children were blessed to be raised in a farming neighborhood.  This entailed many perks.  One of which was...riding the big yellow bus to and from schoolWhile having this experience they were very fortunate to have a most fantastic bus driver.  Katie.   I do not remember any bus driver other than Katie.  She was with them for a long time.  Bless her heart!

One day Katie phoned and kindly let me know my child was causing her some grief.  I told Katie the next time he acted up she was to stop the bus, open the bus door, kick him off and let him walk home.  She informed me  she could not do this.  I informed her she had my permission to do so. I would send a note stating such.  By law she was unable.  Laws change.  I was a bus student and I remember a young man getting kicked off for hitting the bus driver with a spit wad on his bald spot!  Though I do think the parents were furious with the bus driver and he no longer drove shortly after that incident.  I, on the other hand, was furious with my child.  Hreceived a 'Scott's blessing' plus he wrote an apology note to Katie.

Then came the day I ran into Katie at the store.  She had the funniest story to share with me about another child.  "Oh, Claudia I just had to laugh when 'your child' got on the bus crying and told me her mother called her a bitch."  Yes, I did not find the humor in that story.  In fact, I did not remember that story ever taking place. When confronting the child (this incident took place way after the fact) she said one morning I told her all she did was 'bitch and moan' (now that I can believe!).  So the said child got the story somewhat confused.  What can I say other than..... she is her father's child! Plus said child was only eight so to 'bitch and moan' had the same connotation as being called a bitch.  So sorry Liz, but would you please stop complaining about it!!

Katie was also a protector of my cubs.  Yes, she took me aside, confided in me about a situation which was taking place on the bus.  A situation grave enough for her to have concern about my bear cub.  By that time I was working with the school district so my bear cub now rode with mother and no longer with Katie.  Bless  her heart for caring enough about my child.

Yes, Katie was a blessing in our lives.  I always felt my children were safe in her hands.  We will cherish our memories of Katie Fullmer Poulson for years to come.  God Bless you Katie!  P.S.  Jon you must have been the bus poster child.  Katie never had to talk to me about Jonathan!