Monday, January 17, 2011

Bob the Builder and his lil Sidekick

Before Matthew entered the field of education he did a stint in the field of construction. Thus I have a Bob the Builder in the family. He and his 3 little Muskateers paid us a visit this weekend. A 24 hour visit. Just enough time to build a closet organizer in the biggest bedroom upstairs. All three bedrooms are relatively small, but one is bigger than the other two. Thus, it is referred to as the Master Bedroom. This is my new closet space and I absolutely love it! Thanks so much son. I LOVE the way it all came together.

While Matthew was in his element Isaac was in his!!!

One handful at a time.

Gotta get that last handful out.

Then what I can not reach I will dump! You may think Grandma was not watching her grandchildren carefully enough, but actually I watched from the beginning to end! Scott did ask me why I let him do that. It was for the memory. Mine not his. As he pulled out the oatmeal box and took off the lid he looked up at me with eyes wide open and his mouth saying: "Oh!" Next he grinned at me, then he tossed his first little fistful of oats, this was followed by a giggle of glee. I enjoyed it more than he did I am sure. You will notice the vacumn cord in the background. One bag later all was cleaned up and no evidence of his adventurous ways.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes...

She came into the office complaining of a toothache. Would I please call her mother and tell her to come pick her up. I did just as directed. No one answered the phone so I left a message. Would I please call her father and tell him to come pick her up. Once again I was very obedient and did just what was requested of me. Again I had to leave a message. In total exasperation that no one was home to take her call she said: "Well, call the bus garage and tell them to send over my bus driver right now and she can take me home! Do you know Arlane?" I did get quite the chuckle out of that and yes I did call the bus garage. Thought they could enjoy the laugh with me. While waiting for her ride to come she informed me that her aunt and her uncle were horses. "Your aunt and uncle are horses?", I quizzed her with a very perplexed look on my face. She informed me that they were horses according to the month in which they were born. Oh yes, now I understood where she was coming from. I asked her what she was. "Oh, my birthday is in January so I must be a Polar Bear, or is it a Panda Bear." Thanks for cheering up my day little one!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Learn from the Past:
Remember 'rockets red glare' does not always signify war. Living in town, living close to the New Years Eve celebration means you will most certainly be awakened at midnight thinking your house is being attacked. It is not. Remember that and anticipate it next year.

Live in the Present:
New Years resolution.....dissolution of the 'to do' list.

Look to the Future:
Three hundred and seven shopping days until Christmas 2011!

Happy New Year Everyone!