Monday, January 20, 2014

The Final Chapter

My husband keeps reminding me I have never finished Sally's story.  So this morning while he is peacefully sleeping I shall finish the story of Miss Silly Sally and the lessons taught to me by a cat/kitten.

1.  Keep smiling, not matter what life throws at you.  Yes, Sally was always 'smiling' (purring in cat language.)  She was a happy cat when she perhaps had every reason in the world to be an unhappy cat.

2.  Never give up.  Even though she was unable to walk/run correctly that did not confine her to the couch.  No sir, Sally was not a couch potato.  She was up and running, chasing butterflies and birds.  Which was very entertaining to those observing.

3.  Laugh at yourself.  Sally never seemed to mind when we would chuckle at her antics.

4.  Like yourself.  It did not matter to Sally that she was a very plain looking kitten with a major disability.  Even though Gus and Molly did not know quite what to think of her, she was happy in her own skin.

5.  Live laugh to the fullest.  Sally's life was not a very lengthy one, but in that small duration of time she loved and was deeply loved.  Yes, she knew what was important.

Sally, provided us with the opportunity to host a funeral.  At the viewing the grandchildren went through the line (which only consisted of Grandma!)  They had an opportunity to tell Sally good-bye.  Yes, we did an open casket (provided by a wonderful Vet!)  Zoey thought Sally was sleeping.  Isaac was quite worried about Sally.  The rest of us thought she looked peaceful. We all shared our own special memories of Sally.  She was laid to rest (closed casket) under the lilac bush.  The children picked whatever flowers in the yard they liked and placed them on her grave.  Then we had our funeral dinner, which did not consists of funeral potatoes, but rather of a trip to Delta Freeze.

Now for the difficult part...remembering and living the lessons taught to me by a kitten.

Scott, may you rest in peace...I finished the story!!!