Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Memories

For the last 32 years Scott has been caretaker of the Sutherland Cemetery.  He retired January 1, 2011.  Without lawns to mow, headstones to clean, roads to gravel, weeds to spray what oh what would he do to with his 'free' time?  It did not take long for him to figure that one out.  For starters our yard looks gorgeous!  But even that was not enough to keep him busy.  So his Memorial Day plans began months ago.  Beginning with setting up a fund to  install a new  headstone for his great-great grandparents,  William Henry and Eliza Pratt Bishop, over in the Fillmore Cememtery.  He began contacting many of their descendants. Thanks to the generosity of some of these desendents they were able to purchase a very nice headstone.  Scott put together a program, a program handout, hauled over some chairs and basically worked hard to make it all come together.  That event took place Sunday afternoon.  Monday he and sister Jacquie put together a Bassett cousin reunion.  Unlike the Petersen reunion, which brings together around 100, this get together was much, much smaller.  It was also much more enjoyable.  Sorry Beulah!! Perhaps I like smaller crowds.  I did a photo shoot of the Bassett cousins.  This will give you the numbers.

 Granddaughters of William and Eldula Bassett left to right:  Paige Hawley, Margaret Heimann, Barbara Child, Judy Bergstrom, Jacquie Turner.
 The beginning and the end of the grandchildren!  Margaret and Barbara
 Grandsons left to right:  Howard Bassett, Scott Bassett, Oscar Swalberg.
The Bassett grandchildren from A to Z.  Barbara, Howard, Jacquie, Judy, Margaret, Oscar, Paige, and Scott.  One other grandson did show up, but it was after the photo shoot.  William and Eldula had 15 grandchildren total.  Nine were in attendance. One is deceased.  Bud and Beulah Bassett had 100% attendance as did N.S. and Dorthory, and Aunt Nona.  I think these cousins all thouroughly enjoyed one another's company.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Kodak Moment

Monday, May 23rd and Tuesday, May 24th were true Kodak (okay Cannon) moments.  I even took the camera with me.  I was all ready to do the photo shoot when I realized my camera was battery-less!!!  I forgot I had plugged them in to re-charge them.  I wish I could plug my brain in to re-charge it!  I will just have to share the moment with you via words. 

The first moment took place at the hospital in lovely St. George.  Zoey Genevieve Bassett made her grand debut Monday, May 23rd.  She weighed in at 5 lbs. 14 oz.  Small for a Bassett Baby.  18 inches tall.  Short for a Bassett Baby.  Absolutely beautiful like all Bassett babies!  It was love at first sight, as it is with all children and grandchildren.

The second moment took place Tuesday, May 24th at Heritage Elementary School.  Max Scott Bassett graduated from Kindergarten and we were there to witness the big event.  Max's father did not particularly care for programs and speaking parts when he was a child.  Max's grandpa reveled in them.  Max had a speaking part.  The question was, would he take after his dad or would  he be more like his grandfather.  His father wondered if his son was  nervous.  His grandpa wondered if his grandson  was nervous. His grandma just wondered.  Wondered if the teacher was playing the guitar.  Wondered if the children would be given graduation certificates.  Wondered how the new baby and mom were doing.  Wondered if Matthew would get the teaching job in Delta.  You get my jest. The proud moment came.  Max walked down to the micraphone, grabbed it with both hands, speaking in to it loud and clear.  No need to wonder any longer Matthew and Scott.  He was NOT nervous.  He was his grandfather's child for that  moment in time.  I wonder if he will stay like that?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

School's Out For Summer!

Yes, school is out, but where oh where is summer????

Friday, May 13, 2011


I admire and fully appreciate the talents and creativity of others. Just to show you a few... My daughter-in-law has a very creative art talent. Her mother has it, her grandmother has it, she has it, and my grandson has it. Jaedon LOVES roller coasters! That is the theme of his newly decorated bedroom. Mel drew the large one on his wall.

Jaedon drew these three smaller ones and mom framed them. Aren't they just the cutest!

Melanie painted furniture and made the pillows. Everything came together so cute! I am certain my grandson loves his new bedroom decor. I know I do.

In Delta we are blessed with a woman who shares her creativity with us through home baked goodies and entrees. Her cupcakes are so delicious and her carrot cake is to die for! Rose opened "Dessert First" on Main Street and she always has cars there. If you get a chance to come to Delta , be sure to stop in. The chocolate cupcake with the mascarpone filling is the best in my opinion.

As for me and my creativity.....Well, I created a world. Okay, so it is really a natural environment for my pet poly wogs! Yes, the neighbor children shared some of their poly wogs with me. They spent their first three days of life in a stark white kitchen bucket. I noticed there was not much movement or action taking place in this bucket. Were they bored? Was it the Pine Sol or Clorox scent? Would they soon 'kick the bucket' so to speak? I decided they needed to go Au natural. I took one of our old washtubs, filled it with dirt, added a rock, and last of all filled it with water. Voila! Put my little critters in it and they appear to be loving life! I see them swimming around enjoying life to the fullest. I feed them daily with my fish food. We will know if it is a success or not when I hear croaking in my back yard. Yes, I am hoping these little fellows croak in the true sense of the word!

Isn't he just the cutest!!!

Poly Wog World. Not as delicious as the cupcakes, not as adorable as the bedroom, but my poly wogs and I are certainly enjoying it! And that my folks is about as creative as I get.

Speaker Beware!

The sub came in to the office to sign in. While we were visiting she said: "I am getting my car fixed today." I replied: "You are getting new carpet, how nice!" She chuckles and repeats her statement. Yes, she is getting her car fixed. Later I am off to the lunch room for some ice. I ask the lunch manager how her meeting went. She tells me: "We are going to fat free milk next year." My reply: "What are factory meals?" She laughs and repeats her statement. Yes, we are having fat free milk next year, not factory meals. Oh my holy hannah I am going deaf!!! No comments from my children. They have long been aware of the fact. When I was young it was ADD and the inability to focus and listen. How that I am old it is ADD, the inability to focus and listen, and going deef! Perhaps I need to learn to sign.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Once a Mom, Always a Mom

Rewind: Time: 1970. Place: Rangely Junior College, Rangely, Colorado. Subject: Psychology 101. Question of the day: "How many of you young ladies are NOT going to be like your mother?" Every female hand rose in unison. I mean really?!? We were, after all, teenagers at the time he posed this question! "Well," replied the instructor, "98% of you will be just like your mother." At this point I am pretty certain every female brain was thinking, "I am one of the 2%." I know I certainly was. Looking back it is unfortunate the professor did not take the thought process a few steps farther and ask: "Why, at 18 years of age , do you NOT want to be like your mother?"

I realize now that at that moment in time I was focusing only on the negative. The negative being my mother's ability to worry about the slightest of things. She played the 'what if' game so wonderfully well. I swore I would never be like that. Then one day I woke up and said to myself: "Mirror, mirror on the wall I am my mother after all." Well, I actually did not think it in those words. It was more like: "Oh my #@*!, I am my mother's child." But two things I have access to that she did not have that helped me give that game up is: 1.) Medication. Modern day medication is a god send. 2.) The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith and fear can not co-exist. I am so very grateful for both and truly wish she could have enjoyed their benefits while going through her mortal trials.

Now with the wisdom of the ages I realize my mother was not a perfect mother. I was not a perfect child and we certainly did not live in a perfect world. I realize she had many positive traits. She was kind, especially to the underdog. She did not like confrontation. She did not want to hurt anyone's feelings. She loved God's creatures. She was an exceptional cook. She could sew. She could can. She was a homemaker at heart. But two of my favorite memories and teaching moments are:
1.) I went with my mother to an Al Anon meeting. We had four in attendance. One was the counselor, two were the wives of men with substance abuse problems, and the fourth one was me. The one woman's concern was the fact that her emotional and intimate physical needs were not being met. The counselor adviced her to go have an affair. My mother's main 'worry' was finances. The advice was: "For every dollar your husband spends at the bar you go spend that same amount on something you want." My mother replied she could never do that. Wise woman. Like two wrongs could make one right. I grew up with a wringer washer and no dryer. My mother did all the laundry. Materialism was something my mother never got caught up in. Which leads in to lesson #2.
2.) When my maternal grandfather passed away (his wife had passed on many years before) his daughter Marilyn was in charge of the estate. No one ever really knew what his finances entailed except for this daughter. She had in her possession all of his material and financial matters. In all honesty I do not think it was much, but only she knew. She gifted each child x amount of money. I distinctly remember asking my mom if it bothered her that Marilyn, so to speak, had 'everything'. My mother's response is etched in my brain (so glad something is etched there!) and on my heart. She said: "Oh no Claudia! Marilyn took such good care of daddy she deserves it all!" Now both parents and four of the five children are all on the other side of the veil. Material and financial possessions...who knows, who cares.
If the question posed by the psychology Professor was put to me this day I would have to hold my head up high to her postive goodness and be grateful I experienced for a small moment in time her anxiety. It has made me much more understanding and compassionate as to what she dealt with in her mortal life.

School photo of Genevieve Elva Wells Hardy. She worked in the school lunch program for the sum of four years. Not to purchase a washer or dryer, but to help her daughter with the expenses of college.

A photo of Genevieve in her favorite role of mother and grandmother. Left to Right: Genevieve, Brandon, Sean, and Brent Hardy. I hope she is experiencing a most wonderful Mother's Day on the other side of the veil. I also hope she is not worrying about her children and grandchildren on this side of the veil! Happy Mother's Day Mom! Thanks for everything!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

HaIr ToDaY... GoNe ToMoRrOw

A few weeks past the boss came to work sporting a new do. Yes, he had a new haircut. Now you realize we have 21 females employees and 2 males. The 21 female employees were all questioning if our most delightful boss had, by chance, ticked his wife off. None dared ask. At least for the first 3 days. On day four I was in the office, our fearless leader was right out the door greeting our little ones as they came in school. I heard him say to one of our students: "Hey, who did your hair today?" I still did not have the courage to ask the question that was on every one's mind. Then he did it again: "Hey, who did your hair today, looks nice." I could hold it in no longer. I hollered out the door: "I can not control it any longer. Who did your hair????" He came in to the office grinning (that was a good sign!) and informed me when they went 'Easter-ing' he was mentioning he needed to get a hair cut and his son said: "I use to give all the missionary's a hair cut in the mission field dad, let me do it." And he did. Such a nice dad. But I did inform him that all of the women at DECC took a vote and he was not to let his son, 'Edward Scissor Hands' do his hair again. My co-office worker came in and we did continue with the fun. Thank goodness we are blessed with a wonderful leader. He has to deal with 21 women and he does it marvelously. It was a fun time at his expense and he was a great sport. Now that is a good leader!