Wednesday, March 18, 2015

'Weather' or not Global Warming Exists

     It is 81 degrees outside.  I have been busy raking, mowing and watering  the lawn and loving every minute of it.   I have to remind myself:  "Yes, Claudia you are still in school.  No, Claudia it is not summertime yet."  No the air conditioner has not been turned on yet, but I do have the ceiling fan running and the lights off.  I am so grateful to know there is absolutely no such thing as Global Warming (is this word considered foul language?)   To all of my Republican friends I apologize for the use of such a nasty word!  I would hate to see what the weather would be like if there were such a thing as Global Warming.  So would the Polar Bears.

      I am also grateful to know who is really charge of our little universe and oh so many others.

     Doctrine and Covenants 117:6  " For have I not the fowls of heaven, and also the fish of the sea, and the beasts of the mountains? Have I not made the earth? Do I not hold the destinies of all the armies of the nations of the earth?

     He has a plan... for me, for you and for all of His creations.  Now I just need to learn to follow that plan!  Easier for some than others.  I fall into the 'other' category.  But just for today I will try a little harder.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Aging Process

     How vividly I recall the day Scott and I attended a wedding reception up in Oak City.  I do not remember whose reception we were attending, but this I do remember....I realized I was aging!!!  The groom looked like an extremely young man.  His father (or was it her father?) was very handsome.  I knew then and there I was aging.  

     Well, this past weekend we traveled up to Bountiful for the wedding reception of Scott's nephews daughter.  I am here to say the bride and groom looked like children.  The parents of both said children looked too young for me also, but I did think the Grandparents of the bride looked fabulous!!  Jerry is a nice looking man and Paige is beautiful.  I was wishing they had been in the line.  Oh, they have been....about 7 times!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Now You See It, Now You Don't

The walls came down when we moved into our current home.  When you walk in the front door you are instantly in our gathering room, dining room and kitchen.  Yes, you see it all.  When Scott and I are  home alone it can be relatively clean, but when the family gathers look out!!!  I love it because it serves its purpose of all being together in one space.  I also love the light it lets in.  The living room window faces west and the french doors and kitchen window are on the east side.  Which means when the sun comes up and the sun goes down we have an abundance of natural light, which I thrive on. does have a drawback.  At the perfect time of morning or evening I can see absolutely every speck of dust, dirt and cat dander on my wood floors and furniture.  My children will tell you that is something that can drive me crazy!!!  Okay, crazier!!!  But I have learned if I tilt the shutters just a certain way the dust, dirt and dander  magically disappear!!  It is absolutely wonderful!!