Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Beginnings

New beginnings seem to be the Bassett family theme for the month of May! Jon and Mel and little ones have new beginnings in Nebraska. Ben graduated from law school last Sunday so he will have new beginnings here shortly (after the boards). Matthew was ordained a High Priest, was released as Young Mens President and has a new beginning as 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric. Claudia landed a new job within the Millard School District....Secretary of Delta Early Childhood Center. Congratulations to all of you! "Oh the places you'll go!" We wish you all the best in your new beginnings!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What I like about you D.C!

I love the smell of the big city.
Green foilage, humidity, mixed in with vehicle fumes... I love it.
I love the cleanliness.
The man sweeping off the sidewalk that was already pretty spotless.
I love the healthy lifestyle.
People running, jogging, biking. You see them everywhere.
I love the monuments.
The Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument are a must see at night.
Arlington National Cemetery and the tomb of the unknown soldier.
The war memorials.
Vietnam Memorial with all the names listed on the wall
left a quiet impression upon my soul.
I love the metro.
I could purchase an all day pass and just pass the time away sitting on the metro.
I love the divirsity of the people.
Asians, Muslims, Jews, Caucasions, Blacks.
I love Pentagon City Mall.
Shopping, shopping, shopping what more can I say.
Of course, it is all window shopping, but it is enjoyable none the less.
I love the green foilage.
In the heart of the city, right off of the freeway
there is acess to a beautiful wooded area. Amazing.
I love the hustle and bustle of this city.
It has a great little heartbeat.
I love my little girl, Alizabeth Annie and her hubby Ben!
The best part of visiting the city.
Thanks for a great time!
Great food, great company, and ...great entertainment.
(See frog story below)

Froggy Went a Courtin .....Uh huh, Uh huh

In the murky pond there grew
Beautiful flowers, though only a few.

The water was brown, but the foilage was green.
The frog courting ceremony was the best I had seen.

There he sat so keen and alert.
But where was she, he was ready to flirt!

So he puffed up his chest, let out a beautiful sound.
Where was Miss Froggy, was she no where around?

I wish I could say this is her dancing with him,
But alas it was his competitor wanting to win.
They tossed, they turned, bellies were flying around.
They even stood up for the final round.
When all was said and all was done
I think it was Claudia who had the most fun!

Is There a Doctor in the house?

Our little Hershey Sweethearts Jaedon and Livy. Their hugs and kisses far surpass the ones the Chocolate Factory produces!
Credit given where credit is due. Without this lovely lady's support Jon could not have accomplished what he has accomplished. Thanks Mel! And, oh yes, there is our littlest Hershey Kiss...Miss Sofia!

Jonathan at his Air Force commission. Doesn't he look so sharp in that uniform!

Dr. Jonathan Scott Bassett graduated from Penn State College of Medicine May 16, 2010. He graduated with honors and is now a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha National Medical Honor Society. He also received the Arnold P. Gold Foundation Humanism in Medicine award. Jonathan we are very proud of you and your little family and wish you all the very best! We also wonder where in the world we got this child! I am certain it is a distant kick back gene from the Hardy side! Too bad that gene skipped me! We love you!!!
In case any of you are wondering about the pink ribbon...that is for one of their fellow female students who was killed in a tragic car accident.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kelly Killdeer and her little egglets four!

What a dutiful little mother to spend her days sitting on gravel!

Don't get too close or you just might ruffle my feathers!

So happy Fiona and Shrek are no where close by! I do think Killdeer are adorable little creatures. Here in town I never get to see them running down the road with their long, long legs!

Mama Bird, Privacy, and Jesus

Strange title. What could those three words have in common you wonder? One word...Ava! Let me explain.
Story #1:
Matthew, Laura, and family left sunny Saint George-Phil and Shayna left cold Cache Valley and they all met up in cold, windy Delta. Purpose....to help their father at the Sutherland Cemetery. Yes, Memorial Day is right around the corner. While working at the cem they discovered a mama Killdeer and her four little egglets. Later in the day Max phoned and he had helped at the Cemetery long enough. He was ready to come home. Ava and I drove out to Sutherland to pick him up. I , being the animal lover I am, took a morsel of bread out for Kelly Killdeer. We had driven about 2 miles when little Miss Ava piped up from the back seat: "Grandma, I want a roll." I informed her she would have to wait until we got back to Grandma's house as I did not have any rolls with me , just a small piece of roll for the mother bird. "Let me see" she says. I show her the small morsel to which she replies: "I have a great idea. How about we give half to the mama bird and half to Ava bird." Yes, it made me chuckle and yes, we did just that. Half to mama bird and half to my little tweety bird!

Story #2:
Sunday morning Ava informs us she needs to go to the bathroom. I have 2 and one half baths and they all have the high rise toilet so little ones need help getting on. One bathroom is located in the master bedroom. Ava informs her father: "I want to use Grandpa's bathroom. I need my privacy." Where did we get this child?! She makes me so laugh! And for the record... all the bathrooms have doors on them!

Story #3:
Sunday before the Saint George Bassetts returned home Uncle Phil told Max to meet him downstairs for a wrestling match. You need to know we were given a hugh Christus statue for Christmas one year. It is located downstairs in the 'someday to be family room.' Phillip, Max, and Ava head down stairs for the showdown. Ava is going because she is certain big brother Max will need some help against buff soldier boy. They are wrestling, giggling , and having a great time when all of a sudden we hear Ava say: "Jesus, help us!" Obviously,she is speaking to the statue. We all cracked up at that one! Kids do say the darndest things and this little lady continues to bring a smile to our faces!