Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It was a little rusty at first.

Had not seen physical labor since late fall.

Began with an ever so slight roar of the engine.

A little stiff. Slow start.

Running out of steam (or is it gas?) towards the end,

but it pushed on and finished the job.

Not speaking of the lawnmower. It was in great condition!

But the 'older more mature woman' behind the wheel...

Now that is another story.

Trying to improve my time.

Will keep you posted.

Monday, March 28, 2011

snoitcelfeR rorriM

I love Psychology. The study of human behvavior fasinates me. I love reading and studying the Book Of Mormon. Did you know the two go hand in hand? Point #1.

I remember learning that how we view our world is a mirror reflection of ourselves. I love that! I believe it to be true. After learning that I remember having to be gut honest with myself and asking myself how I viewed my ward, which was a big part of my world. The answer was not particularly a pretty one. I viewed my ward as being critical. Yes, I had to admit I was the one who was critical. Then I had to work on changing that part of me.

Well, as I was reading the Book of Mormon I came across the part where Laban accuses Laman of being a robber and trying to steal the brass plates -1 Nephi 3:13. Twelve versus later Laman and brothers try to buy the brass plates with their wealth. Laban is impressed with their wealth, but is not wanting to part with the brass plates. He tosses the brothers out and sends his servants to slay them . Keeping their wealth for himself. Don't tell me....Laban is a robber? See how that mirror image works! Gotta love it. So how do you view your world? Whether it be your family world, ward world, work world, whatever. How you view your world is a mirror image of yourself. But that is not to say you can not change that view if you do not quite like what you see. Yes, I love the study of human behavior and tying it in with my Book of Mormon study time!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Up Close and 'Purse'- onal

How has the economic crisis affected me 'purse' onally?
Cutbacks: The maid is still in my employ as is the chef, laundress, chauffeur, gardener, and landscaper. The pay they receive is relatively cheap- room and board plus the satisfaction of their labors.
Housing Market: Yes, the house is worth less than we have invested in it, but that will not affect us. We have no plans to sell. We will be here to the 'dying end'.
Investments: Let me tell you no Bernie Made Off with my investments! They are still doing great and producing the highest of high dividends. The first investment is living in St. George, teaching at Dixie Middle School. With 3 adorable dividends and one on the way. Our second investment is living in Omaha, NE doing his internship in the field of medicine. Once again 3 adorable dividends and one on the way. Number three investment is living in Oshkosh, WI with one adorable dividend and more to come. Number four investment is living in Logan, Utah attending USU. We are looking forward to those future dividends. All four investments have chosen wisely and blessed us with four of the most wonderful spouses and spouse to be. Yes, our investments have brought immeasurable joy into our lives.
Employment: Fortunately I have not had to return to the work force nor have I had to hit the road Jack in search of work. Millard School District has been a most wonderful place of employment for the last 18 years of my life.
Stocks and 401Ks: Now that is a totally different scenario. I will most likely be working in and out of the home to the end. Which I could look at as a blessing and not a curse. Work is good and I love what I do in and out of the home.
Looking back economically on the past few years I have much to be grateful for and zero to whine about. I think I will go clean, do my laundry and ironing, grocery shop, make cookies and enjoy my Saturday! I will be in my element.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You know it is time to kick the habit when Grandpa asks the grandkids what they are drinking for dinner-offering them the choice of milk, water, or juice and they respond in unison: "Pepsi!"
So I have my little bag of sugar (10 teaspoons to be exact) sitting on my desk as a visual reminder of how much sugar (high fructose corn syrup) is in one of these cute little bottles. Don't know how much good it will do, but from now on when the kids visit my fridge will be a pop free zone.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amazing "Feats"

Do not let the cute innocent look of these feet fool you.
They quietly move from room to room.
Partners in crime with the cute innocent hands that follow them around.
They quickly climb out of the pack and play when it is bedtime.
Just as quickly they climb into the bed of an unsuspecting sleeping soul.
Arousing her with kicks, pushes, and shoves.
These feet definitely know how to do 'kick boxing.'
Quite the amazing feats these cute little innocent feet can do!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A 'Fan' tastic Time Together

Whether it be beating Grandpa at Checkers,
Having a 'tea' party in Grandma's living room,
(water dries out)

or playing a game of Survivor on the
ceiling fan,

We have a great time together! This last activity received
hysterical laughter from all the young at heart!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Luck of the Irish...Part One

I do believe it was two years ago on St. Paddys day that we set our first trap to catch the Leprechaun. He was too sneaky for us, but he did put the fear of the Leprechaun in Ava. Especially since his magic powder turned Grandma's feet green!!!
This Thursday as I was bringing them 'home' for the weekend Ava asked me what the Leprechaun was going to bring us. I informed her I told him not to come to Grandma's house as she was so afraid of him. She informed me she was no longer afraid of the lil guy. We discussed traps we could set for the next 10 miles or so. After dinner we put out our trap. A box that held oranges was perfect. A wooden spoon to hold it up. A towel to cover up the holes. And a chocolate in the box to entice the Leprechaun. All was set. Bedtime. Max and Ava heard noises. They ended up in bed with Grandpa. Not afraid? Yeah, right. Once again we did not catch Larry the Leprechaun, but he did leave us a note and lots of gold, Rolo gold to be exact, hidden all over the living area. But the best of the story is yet to come. Stay tuned for post 2 tomorrow with Paul Harvey (okay, Grandma Bassett) and the best of the story!

The Luck of the Irish...Part Two

Now for Paul Harvey and the best of the story. Ava has her fourth birthday coming up on March 27th. Since Grandpa and Grandma will not be there for the grand event we decided to host one at our place. Cake-check, candles-check, ice cream-check, presents-check, check, check. After dinner we sang our Happy Birthday chorus and then it was time to open gifts. Gift # 1 no problem, gift #2 no problem, gift # 3 problems. You see gift #3 was turned on and when it was touched or moved it made noises and bounced. Ava was all ready to rip it open until....Grandpa told her that maybe the Larry the Leprechaun was wrapped up inside! She no longer wanted anything to do with it! Isaac though was interested. He had already seen what was inside and he loved it. We did finally convince her to open it and she was so relieved to see her Baby Alive doll and not Larry the Leprechaun! Oh, that Grandpa!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Definitely NOT Charlie Sheen or any actor or actress that I can think of. At a recent youth fireside an LDS NFL player was the main speaker. He told the youth they should not look to the sports world for hero's. Isn't it a shame we place such money value on entertainment. My definition of a hero would be the "Fukushima Fifty."
"They work sweating in airtight suits, fighting disaster in a plant collapsing at their feet. They brave explosions and fires that have already killed five of them and may have blasted the others with life-changing radiation. They are the "Fukushima Fifty", the handful of people who are all that now stands between Japan and the world's second-worst nuclear accident."
These men are volunteers, knowing they are most likely facing a death sentence. Their goal is not money, fame , or power. Their goal is to help their country and fellow men, women, and children. These men have well earned the right to be called hero's. God bless them and all those living this nightmare.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Fever

Looking at last years late summer photos is making me sooo excited for this years gardening.

My potpourri flower bed late summer 2010. My children would all have to attest they never saw flowers like this on the farm. Amazing what better soil, wind break, better soil, zero leaf cutter bees, and better soil can do for a flower bed! We have plans to add a brick border this spring. Hope it turns out like we envision. I am loving spring and looking forward to the green, green grass of home!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Did I Mention That....

I absolutely LOVE where I am living!! It has been beautiful weather this week in Delta. I came home from work Monday and cleaned out my front flower beds. Came home Tuesday and raked the front yard. Came home Wednesday and raked the north side. And, today I played in the water. Watering plants, cleaning off the grill, cleaning off furniture and the trampoline. Things I never would have done out on the farm. Why? 1.) Because we had at least one acre of grass, depressing to even start. 2.) Massive amounts of clay soil, which was even more depressing. 3.) Absolutely no wind barrier. Moving to town, to this house has been to our benefit. But it was not just the beautiful weather and the workable yard. It is also the great neighbors. As I cleaned out my flower beds the neighbor to the north stopped by to visit. As I raked the front yard the neighbor to the south and I visited. Today as we were working out back we visited with one of our back yard fence neighbors. When we first moved in to this home we considered privacy fencing on the back and south side. The north side already has a wood one and the rest are chain link. As time has gone on I think not. I am surrounded by wonderful people and I love being outside and able to visit with them. Like a good neighbor...Halls, LeFevres, Hostetlers, and Elva are there!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Anger...A Deadly Toxin

Webster defines anger as: "An intense emotional state induced by displeasure." Claudia defines anger as: A deadly toxin. Unfortunately, it was probably only three or four years ago when I made this discovery. Such a slow learner I am. I vividly remember being in 'a state of intense displeasure' one Sunday afternoon. I came in to Beulah's house, which is now ours, but at that time it was vacant. I took a nap. Yes, sleeping is the answer to all my problems. When I awoke my body ached all over. Especially my hands and arms (probably due to the fact that I clenched my fists!) That was when I realized this was one emotion that was deadly for my physical state of being. Thus began my personal study of the emotional state of anger. Now some will tell you anger unreleased is unhealthy. I say anger wrongly released is also unhealthy. For ourselves and our personal relationships with others. Remember... "Sometimes when I'm angry I have the right to be angry, but that doesn't give me the right to be cruel." I do acknowledge when I am angry. The secret is letting go of it quickly. First I define what it is I am intensely displeased about. Sometimes when my feelings are hurt I become angry. Sometimes when I feel wrongly treated I become angry. And let's not forget those good old hormones (though I do think my body is now totally depleted of them! Aging, ahhh.) Whatever. Then I analyze the situation. It always involves another party when I am angry. Being able to quickly forgive, giving them the benefit of the doubt, realizing they are entitled to an opinion, realizing if they are taking advantage of me it is most likely my fault for allowing it. This all helps. But the one thing that helps me the most is realizing when I let another person ' make me mad' (control my emotions) I am giving them a whole lot of power over me. I do not like that. I am a firm believer in I am in control of how I react to any given situation. I do NOT like giving anyone power over my emotional state. Elizabeth Kenny stated: "He who angers you conquers you." I like that quote. I agree with that quote. Yes, I still get angry. But the release valve is much faster than it ever use to be. I get angry, figure it out, and let it go all rather quickly. And I never, no never go to bed mad!