Monday, August 18, 2014

Bats in the Belfry and Aliens in the Backyard

Picture this.  A nice relaxing Sunday evening.  I am soaking my feet.  Scott and I are getting ready to watch a movie (by now I do not even remember the name of the movie!)  But our evening was destined to prove more entertaining than a movie.  It all began with the ringing of the doorbell.

There stood our dear, sweet backyard neighbor.  Elva is a most wonderful and delightful backyard neighbor to have.  If you do not have an Elva than I feel sorry for you.  Elva is single, has 2 adult daughters who no longer live at home.  She was quite in a panic as she has been hearing stange sounds outside her bedroom, thinking a bird has a nest close by.  Then she discovered 'the poopie' and decided it was more likely a large rat.

Scott went to the garage to retrieve our ladder, I went upstairs to put on some shoes and socks and Elva headed home with us not far behind.  Scott placed the ladder up against her window and then phoned Matthew Bud to come check it out!  My husband does NOT like cute, furry critters.  His wife has no fear of them.  I ascended the steps with flashlight in hand (even though it was not quite dusk.)  Under her shutter are creatures yes, plenty of them.  They were all hanging upside down and I even saw the cute little nose of one of the little  fellows.  Those illegal (to shoot anyway) immigrants had taken up residency in her shutters!!!  Thank goodness it was after I got down from the ladder that they decided to come out and search for dinner.  Happy early Halloween Elva!  This evening we will go over and try to 'trick' them from getting back in! 

In the meantime the other neighbor came over to see what the commotion was all about.  This neighbor is around 85 and does quite well other than her eyesight.  As we were visiting about the bats she asked me if I had seen the bright light that came from the west the other night.  I had to answer no, my bedroom faces east and I keep my shutters closed at night.  She continued her story. After the bright light out of the west came it was followed by other lights that landed in my backyard and in the other neighbors backyard. Between aliens and bats I now know why my cats have been reluctant to go out at night!  Ghoulies, goblins and ghosties and things that go bump in the night.  Oh Lord deliver us!