Thursday, July 29, 2010

The other day I was visiting with a lovely young woman who attended Colorado Northwestern Community College for one year. CNCC is located in Rangely, Colorado, one of the towns I call 'home'. She hated Rangely. I LOVED it! She asked me what we did there for fun. Oh, the stories I could tell! Truth or dare and knocking on Mr. Hilkeys door to borrow a cup of sugar we did not need only to take the dare and return it a few minutes later, snipe hunting, pushing the neighbor boys little blue car down the hill and driving off in the middle of the night, riding bikes to town with girlfriends, sleepovers, tubing on a hill not far from our house, having the McCarvers over while Santa came to their house on Christmas Eve, and the list goes on. As I reflect back on Rangely days I do so with fondness. I can not think of one single regret (perhaps that is due to age!) just a lot of fun times and tender memories. Of course, this is all due to the fact that I was blessed with wonderful neighbors and fantastic friends! A blessing that seems to have followed me throughout my life. From life on 'the hill' to life on 'the farm' to life 'in town'. Whether it be childhood days, teenage years, college and missionary times, etc. I have been blessed to know many wonderful souls who have enriched my life. To all of you I say thanks! And, yes I did absolutely love growing up in the Rangely, Colorado oil field area!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fish Lake Wildlife

The itsy, bitsy spider.
Ava and I bird watched for 30 minutes.
He kept coming back for her left over muffin.

He was a rather fat little Robin.
Here he is puffing out his chest and head feathers.
I could not decide if he was trying to frighten us
away or just show off for us ladies.
Whatever... he was very entertaining

The 'mama Robin' feeding her 'little baby Robin'. Wish I had a photo of the mouse that was rummaging in our kitchen garbage can at 1 a.m. He looked so busted. Reminded me of catching my teenage child as he was trying to sneak either in or out of the house! Let's see which child was that now? Oh yeah, the one without a life jacket in the boating photo shoot. Anyway I consider mice pets and Scott has a fear of them so the little guy was lucky he was busted by me! Also wish I had a photo of the cutest little squirrel(or was he a chipmunk?) I left him out some peanuts. As he was enjoying his treat I was enjoying mine...watching him eat. When out of the blue my darling little Max threw a rock at him! Max received lecture # 107. While I gave it to him his father just sat with a 'squirrely' grin on his face. Children!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fish Lake Wildlife at its Finest!

Hugging and Smooching and enjoying every minute of it!

I dare you to try to take my Oreo cookie!
I must warn you I am armed and dangerous!
I would not mess with me and my cookie
if I was you!

Is he laughing at a joke? Picking something
out of his teeth? Only Phil knows for sure!

Life jackets? Check.
Rickety tin boat? Check.
Fishing Poles and licenses? Check.
Life Insurance Policies in order? Ummm not sure about that one.

Two hours later the mighty fishermen,
women, and children
were rained out,
but not before Matthew caught the one and
only trout.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Turning One Can Be Such Fun

"Hey, what is this big red cherry doing on top
of my cupcake?"
"So glad I have been lifting weights with
Uncle Phil, this thing is heavy!"
"And, who keeps putting this stupid hat
on my head?"

"There is more than one way to
eat my birthday cake."
"Where's the cake?
All I got was a mouthfull of frosting."
Happy First Birthday Isaac!
We love you!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

July Showers Bring...Family, Friends, and Fun together

The only male at the baby shower was
Reids cousin Max. We put him to work handing
his Auntie the presents.
The Szilagyi women by birth and marriage.
L to R: Jessica (due in October), Bizzie, (not wanting to feel left out
pretends to be due), and Lizzy (due in October).
The Bassett women by birth and marriage.
L to R: Alizabeths sis in law, Laura, Aunt Syd, and
Aunt Jacquie.
Friends for life.
Back Row: Alizabeth and Haley (Lizzys sister!)
Front Row: Marie (who is also due in October!) and Ali with
little Lily.
Now just to get all the loot in the suitcase and not go over the weight limit!
We thank you all for making it such a wonderful occasion.
Biggest thanks to Liz and Ben for providing us with a
fantastic reason to get together! Can't wait to see you Reid!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh Suzie Q how I love you!

The relationship between Phillip and Suzie began in March. It was love at first sight. Scott and I decided it was time for us to make a Logan run to introduce ourselves to Miss Suzie. We have both had some issues concerning this relationship. For 'starters' Suzie was born in 1978. Phillip was born in 1986. You do the math. Another concern was the fact that Suzie was rather high maintenance. Just taking her out for a drive could cost Phil anywhere from twenty to forty dollars and up. Could this child of ours really afford to be in this type of relationship. Then we met Suzie! Besides being older than Phil, besides being a high maintenance type of lady, she also has a rougher look , so to speak. I mean this girl looks like she has been around the block once or twice to say the least!!!! But who are we to judge her by her looks. So we spent some quality time with Phillip and Suzie. He handles her well. He knows which buttons to push and when to push them. He also knows when to cut her some slack and when to reign her in. Sometimes he just has to put his foot down to get her to slow it down. After three hours with them we came to the conclusion of... whether they take it fast or slow their relationship is in for a wild ride! We wish them both the best!

Paul Harvey....The rest of the story

Oh, I almost forgot....
A Kodak moment of Phil and Suzie!
Thanks for the day Phil,
It was a real trip!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cruising....At the Omaha Zoo

Samson the Shark
The underside of Stingray Ray

Our little buddy Jaedon

Our 'lil cupcake' Livy
Scotts cousin chillin in the tree.
I am not quite certain if she
is a Bassett or Petersen relative.
Only Scott knows for sure.

Happy Birthday to You!

Is this really for me?
Hey, who took my gumball?

Yeah, a huge cupcake just for me!

How do I eat this?
The small one was just the right size and it tasted ohhhh so good!
Happy Birthday Sofia!
We love you and we were so happy we
could be there for your first birthday!