Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sally's Story: Part One

Sally's story actually begins with an introduction to Mike.  Mike WazowskiAn orange/ginger kitten given to Isaac for his 4th birthday from his Grandma and Grandpa Bassett.
Mike and Zoey
Mike unfortunately came up missing. Which caused Laura to post his photo on her Face Book page which in turn led to a phone call stating her kitten was at some woman's  garage port.  Laura immediately went and picked up the orange/ginger kitten.  The kitten was shaking and unable to walk.  Laura took the kitten to the vet and phoned me with the story.  The vet told Laura the kitten was  female so obviously this was not Mike Wazowski!  I drove out to the vets and as soon as I saw the kitten I knew she was not Mike.  Mike had peculiar markings.  All this kitten had that was peculiar was her inability to walk like a normal kitten.  Sally was spastic!  Dr. John informed me she would make a wonderful pet.  I paid him $50.00 and took Sally home.  Sally was now ours or perhaps we were now hers!
Sally was sweet, loving and always purring!  Always!  When I would call her she would come running, leaping, falling, tripping across the yard.  We would all chuckle at her funny antics.  She was hysterical to watch when she would try to catch butterflies or play with the lilac bush. When I would bring her in the house  Gus and Molly could not quite figure out what was up with this kitten and  her very strange behavior! I wish I had taken some photos or a video of Sally. 
Realizing she would most likely not survive giving birth I took her back to Dr. John to have her spayed.  Unfortunately, Sally did not survive the operation.  I tend to become way too attached to my pets. Thus I have adopted this philosophy:  "I have fulfilled the purpose of my creation."  Yes, Sally had fulfilled the purpose of her creation.  Well, almost.