Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Experiencing Loves First Loss

Last spring I took Max and Ava to a neighbors house to pick out a kitten.  Every child deserves a pet.  After all their father was raised with dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, birds, fish and a gerbil or two.  He was blessed with such good parents!!  Surely he would allow  his own children to have a pet.  Plus the fact that outdoor cats are the easiest pet to have.  We picked out the cutest kitten from the litter.  She had been well loved thus she liked to be mauled.  Imagine my surprise when their father, my son said no.  Being the "good grandmother" I kept her at our house, but she belonged to the children.  We named her Patches.  Max and Ava liked Patches very much.  They were  gentle and nice with her.  But it was Isaac who LOVED Patches and surprisingly enough she loved him.  He could be not so gentle and not so nice to her, but he loved her and she was game for whatever. 


Well, unfortunately one day when I came home from work Patches was no where to be found.  I obsessed about it for one week and then gave it up.  Saturday morning I was outside cleaning out my flower bed.  Isaac was sitting on the front step watching me.  Out of the clear blue he sadly said:  "Grandma I want Patches."  After explaining to him for the umpteenth time that Patches was gone and was not coming back he explained to me that he missed her.  I told Isaac to go upstairs and tell his dad and his grandfather that he wanted Patches, that he missed Patches and then tell them he would like another kitten.  They were both on the same page and told  him no.  Ummm I wonder if I can talk Scott in to going to the pet store while we are in St. George Labor Day weekend?  Already phoned both local vets and neither one has any kittens!