Sunday, August 29, 2010

Precious moments

The first week of school is behind us. Actually, for Delta Early Childhood Center the first two days are behind us and they did not pass without moments of humor. One took place with a parent, the other with a child.
Story #1: It was the very first day of school. A father came in to the office to pay his little daughter's lunch money. Little did he know what was in store for him. Had he known I am 100% certain he would not have entered. There were 4 women in the office: myself, the assistant, a mother, and the school nurse. Four women, one man. Not just any man mind you, a father and a police officer in full uniform. He paid the lunch payment and then................then the school nurse cornered him about his daughters food allergies. He has a daughter in preschool and one in kindergarten. Both have food allergies. The nurse was relentless with her questioning. All for a good cause, mind you. She has the interest of the two children at heart and breakfast is soon to be served. Can they eat the muffins, drink the milk? But ...she forgot she was talkiing to the father and really what do fathers know? Not much unless the mother tells him and after all he had only been told to come in and pay for lunch. The interrogation was too much for one man to handle. In exasperation he threw his hands in the air (did he think he was under arrest!) and said: "I am getting freaking frustrated. I just came in to pay lunch. I don't know what they can and can not eat. Their mom takes care of that!" Dang it was funny. Anyway, it was funny for us four moms! Bless his heart! He is a great father and guy and I think when he sees the school nurse approaching he should turn and run the other direction!
Story #2: Friday afternoon Danny missed the bus. I had Danny in the office. I had phoned his mom and she was on her way to pick him up. He seemed rather bored so I decided to visit with him. I asked him what his favorite part of the day was. He looked perlexed by this question and so I reworded it. "Danny, what did you do today at school that you really liked?" He was deep in thought and then he replied: "My teacher is soooooo bossy!" Okay, let's try it again. "Well Danny, what did you learn today at school?" This did not take any thought. He blurts out: "Well, I did NOT learn to read!" So he has a bossy teacher who did not teach him to read. I do not think Friday was his best day, but I'll tell you what, he made my afternoon. He needs to miss the bus every Friday so I have my Danny moment. He is a funny child!
But now I ask you all.....what did you learn today?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Grandchildren....Our investments have paid off with BIG dividends!

Cupcake Frosting is finger licking good!
I can not decide if they did this project right before bed (hence the p.j.'s)
Or right after they awoke .
Either way, sugar is good right before bed or for
breakfast in the morning!
Jaedon showing Grandma his first masterpiece.
Livy is still intently placing the frosting.

While Jaedon and Livy decorated cupcakes
Sofia enjoyed a mini size Fat Boy ice cream.

We enjoyed watching Sofia eat it!

Melanie, Sofia, Livy, and Jaedon enjoying some time on the tramp.
A BIG thanks to Melanie for coming for a visit.
That is a l-o-n-g drive period, but to come alone with
three little ones...what a woman is all I can say!
Thanks Mel!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Flip Side of Sunday Happenings

  • My last post could have been entitled : "The Serious Side of Sunday." Sundays are not always so serious, in fact, there are times it can be highly entertaining. Today happened to be one of those times. Relief Society had begun. I was sitting on the next to the back row. Behind me is a pathway and behind that pathway is a row of chairs lined up against the wall. The very back row is where you sit when you wish to be out of the watchful eye of the teacher! Hoping never to be called upon. Hoping you won't be caught visiting and passing notes! Does that ring a familiar High School Days scenario? The sister began presenting her lesson. The sisters behind me began their chatter. They had quite a bit to talk about one with another. They spoke rather loudly. At this point I was thinking, "Holy Hannah girls, keep it down." Then I heard one of them say: "Here I will share my treats with you." I was now seriously thinking I was definitely sitting in the wrong row! Next one heard the sound of paper as the treats were being passed along, opened, and then stuffed in their purses or whatever. This was followed by the sound of crunching and chopping. Obviously, the treat had to be some sort of hard candy, like a mint. Now I was quite curious as to who was sitting behind me, but I did not dare turn around and stare. That would be rude! Once the treats were devoured they began talking about who had surgery. That explained it all. Louder talking (we no longer have the ability to hear like we use to), mints (little old ladies and mints seem to go hand in hand), and health issues ( the most important and only subject matter to discuss, other than funerals.) As I left the room I did take a peek and yes it was our dear older sisters enjoying Relief Society to the fullest! Bless their hearts! I suppose I should define older knowing that I am an 'older' sister to my teenage neighbor. Okay, they could be my mom! Strange to think I do not have too long before I am their age. Nice thing about that age is your behavior is no longer considered rude, just highly entertaining.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday happenings...

Today as I sat down in church I noticed that Bonnie Shamos husband was sitting right next to her! It was a rather odd sight. Why so? I have been attending Delta Fifth Ward for 16 months now and the entire time I have attended Steve Shamo has been our Bishop! He has always been sitting behind the pulpit! Last Sunday President Chappell (who is also Mr. Chappell and my boss at D.E.C.C.) came to our ward and by sustaining vote re-organized our Bishopric. I have attended services from numerous denominations and they all have a pastor, minister, priest, etc. who has been to some type of schooling and earns an income while officiating over the congregation. Not so in the LDS church. Bishop Shamo has been the Bishop for a little over 5 years. He is also one of our local Doctors. He has received no financial pay for his service, just lots of blessings. He attended no religious school, was just a worthy priesthood holder who willingly donated lots of his personal time to the members of our Ward. A very good man. Today my next door neighbor, Noreen, was sitting alone with her children. And, where was Laren? He was sitting behind the pulpit! Bishop LeFevre is now our new Bishop. He is our next door neighbor, a seminary teacher, and a very fine man. He and Noreen are also the ones who lost a son a few months ago in a car accident. It has been a rather amazing experience watching them handle this difficult trial. He wrote his first , of many, Bishopric monthly messages. I loved it and want to share it with you (I did get his permission first!) It is somewhat long, but oh so beautiful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
"A few summers ago I stood on the crest of the hill known as the "Eminence'. This hill is located on the Pioneer trail in Wyoming. It looks down on the Sweetwater River where the Willie Company was stranded, cold, and starving. I read from their journals of the joy of their rescue. 'Just as the sun was sinking beautifully behind the distant hills several covered wagons were see coming towards us. The news ran through the camp like wildfire, shouts of joy rent the air, strong men men wept till tears ran freely down their furrowed and sun-burnt cheeks..with hearts filled with gratitude to God and our good brethren, we all united in prayer, and then retired to rest.' (John Chislett) At that moment, standing on the same hill from which the Willie Company first saw their rescuers, I had a great spiritual experience. I saw myself in a situation similar the the handcart pioneers. Not that I was freezing or hungry. But that I was mortal and as such I face sin and death. Because of these two things I am in desperate need of being rescued. We all are. We need someone who is willing and able to save us and help us make it home. We need our Savior Jesus Christ. He is the only one who can help. I love the words of Alma: '...he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people. And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowel may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities.' The word succor means to run to, to help. During our most difficult times, Christ will help us, He will run to us, and rescue us. I know this from personal experience. As difficult as these past few months have been for me and my family, we have felt, on a daily basis, the lifting, strengthening power of the Atonement succor us. We have felt the love of Christ more deeply than ever before. I testify that Christ died for us. I also testify that Christ lives for us. As we turn to Him , He will wrap His arms around us and help us experience true joy. I love you and I am grateful for this opportunity to serve you."
Yes, I think Laren LeFevre will make a mighty fine Bishop!