Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And the 2012 Oscar Goes To......

Sorry George you may not have been able to pull it off with your performance in "The Descendents"  but these little ones sure did!  Yes, for their entertaining and outstanding performance in "The Descendents" the Bassett academy award goes to the following:
Olivia, Sofia, Jaedon, Max, Isaac, Ava



The Academy (Scott and Claudia) would like to thank these adorable  winners for making life worth living!
They are perfect in every way!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The 2nd Annual Academy Awards Bassett Style

It is once again that time of year when the Bassetts compete for their performances in 2011 true movie titles. 

This years nominees for Best Actor and Actress are:

Ben Szilagyi
for his hard working performance in
"Seeking Justice"

Phillip and Kristina
for their starry eyed performances  in
"Into Eternity"
"Love, Wedding, Marriage"

for her aged performance in
Best Supporting Actress in this movie goes to
the ever honest and truthful
little miss Ava

for his superb and laugh provoking performance in
"A Screaming Man"
Best Supporting Actresses in this movie go to
Claudia and Ava

Claudia, Alizabeth, Laura, Melanie and Kristina
for their dedicated and daily performance in
"The Housemaid"

for his devoted and entertaining performance in
"The Help"

Scott, Matthew, Jonathan and Phillip
for their bonding performance in
"Big Mommas:  Like Father Like Son"

Max and Jayden
for their studious performance in
"The First Grader"

Olivia, Sofia, Jayden, Max, Isaac, Ava



and Jack
for their endearing, entertaining and most adorable
performances in
"The Descendents"

Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Word Desciptions

The presidential candidates were asked : "Without caveats or explanation, please define yourself using one word and one word only."  Well, I decided to do a post off of that incident.  Without caveats or explanation I will define my 1 spouse, 3 sons, 1 daughter, 1 son in law, 3 daughter in laws, 4 granddaughters and 5 grandsons using one word and one word only.  In no particular order.  They can decide which word I chose for them!  Here we go.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Childhood A.D.D.+ 50 Years = Adult A.D.D. At Its Best

Saturday I was cleaning up the kitchen.  I placed a dirty bowl in the sink and started the hot water running on it.  Then I  noticed my garbage needed to be taken out so I grabbed it and ran outside to the garbage can.  It was beautiful weather, the garage door was open and the lawn mower was in sight.  Which I then wondered if I could possibly start it up after a long winters nap.  Though we really haven't had much of a winter.  I tried.  It worked.  Well, now that I had it running I decided I might as well put it to use and mow up the pine needles adorning our front yard.  After about 3 rounds my husband poked his head out the door and asked about the water running in the kitchen sink.  Yes, this is the workings of my brain!  Adult A.D.D. at its best!  I did have the thought I should run and buy some fertilizer to put on the lawn, but I did not follow through with that idea.  Too bad because Monday morning we woke up to a heavy wet snow!  Mowed the lawn one day and shoveled snow 36 hours later!

Friday, February 10, 2012

One Secret To Personal Happiness As Taught To Me By A Four Year Old

The school year was coming to a close.  In fact 3 more days and it would be ending!  With chalk in hand one of our  artistically inclined students drew a picture of a mom and dad cow on the chalkboard.  His father worked at the dairy so his drawings were created with some detail. 

 Udder for mom.

 Horns for dad. 
It was adorable!!  In fact, it was so adorable we decided to put the chalk and eraser away and enjoy his artwork  the last three days of school.

At Kiva time we had the boys and girls look at the chalk board.  We praised the little boy who had drawn the pictures and we informed everyone that it was so cute we were just going to leave it up for the remaining school year.  It was interesting to note that one little boy grinned from ear to ear and told the artist what a good job he had done.  It was also interesting to note that about three of our other students were not at all pleased with the entire situation.  Their goal was to erase the picture.  Which they did succeed in accomplishing even when asked/told  not to do so.

I have often thought of this situation.  I am reminded of it in my personal interactions with adults.  My goal is to be like the little boy who was so excited for his friends accomplishment.  That my friends is one of the secrets to personal happiness as taught to me by a four year old.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Study of Human Behavior, As Taught To Me By Four and Five Year Olds

Fourteen years of my life were spent in Preschool.  I guess you could say I was a slow learner!  But what I failed to learn in my Psychology classes at BYU these 4 and 5 year old children taught me time and time again.

Lesson #1:  In Preschool we had show and tell bags.  Two to be exact. Each day two of our little students were given the bag with the assignment to bring the bag back to class the following day with something inside they would like to show and tell to  their fellow classmates.  Typically, when a child would come to the front of the kiva to do their show and tell, there would be quite a few  children who wanted to talk about the fact that they had the same toy or book or whatever.  In fact, sometimes they had one similar only bigger and better.  They never wanted to listen to the student that was sharing.  They just wanted to talk about themselves! I have discovered this childish behavior does not always end with childhood!  I have even noticed this behavior in myself from time to time.  Personally, I do not consider this childish behavior a good one to possess.  Perhaps I need a sticker chart to help me over come this negative behavior.   Perhaps I  need to focus more on what the other person is saying and less on what I am thinking of saying back.  Perhaps I need to grow up and put away my childish behavior.  Now what were you saying?