Friday, October 28, 2011

Zombies and Wands and Grandchildren...OH MY!

We enjoyed some great quality with our Nebraska Corn Huskers last weekend.  They make me smile.  They make me laugh.

We discussed Christmas.  Jaedon would like Santa to bring him a Magic Wand.  I thought that was a grand idea.  I told him he could wave his magic wand over his grandmother and make her skinny.  Without a moments hesitation his reply was:  "No, I like you fat Grandma!" A smile and a hug from Grandma followed this remark.  Jaedon I like you just the way your are also!!  Thanks little buddy of mine.

Next we discussed Halloween.  Jaedon is going to be a Vampire.  A Vampire without the blood on his face. Olivia is going to be a Vampire Princess.  I was reminding him that vampires, ghosts, witches, etc. are all pretend.  He informed me that Zombies are real.  They are not pretend.  When I insisted they were just pretend his response was:  "Zombies are real.  It says so in the scriptures.  When Jesus died and was resurrected Grandma  the graves opened up and Zombies came out!"  Deep belly chuckle laugh from Grandma this time!  Love those grandchildren of ours!  As I said previously.  They make me smile.  They make me laugh.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Falling In Love All Over Again

It is quite a tender moment when a Grandmother meets a new Grandchild and falls in love all over again.  For me it happened Sunday while holding Jack in Sacrament  and Sunday School Meetings.  He was peacefully sleeping in my arms.  Mouth so cute I just wanted to kiss it and kiss it, again and again.  Eyebrows furrowed, was he having a bad dream?  I knew he was mine.  He was a link in our family.  And in that instant I fell madly in love with the little guy.  He belongs to us and we belong to him.  It is wonderful, is it not?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

'Curious' George

Having a daughter and son-in-law live back east (D.C. area) provided us with the wonderful opportunity to visit many historic sites.  One of those sites happened to be Mount Vernon.  Which was absolutely beautiful.  Such a gorgeous view of the Potomac River.  Undescribable.  Below is a photo of the home, but not a photo of the gorgeous view.

"Mount Vernon, the home of George and Martha Washington, is the most popular historic estate in America. Situated along the Potomac River in Northern Virginia, Mount Vernon is just 16 miles south of Washington, D.C. For more than 40 years, George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of American forces in the Revolutionary War and the first President of the United States, called Mount Vernon home.

Today, guests to Mount Vernon can visit the Mansion, more than a dozen original structures, Washington’s Tomb, and nearly 50 acres of his extensive plantation. The estate also includes a working blacksmith shop and the George Washington: Pioneer Farmer site, a 4-acre demonstration farm with a reconstructed slave cabin and 16-sided treading barn."

As beautiful as this site was I had difficulty visiting it.  Why? Because it was built by slave labor.  My son-in-law tried to  enlighten my mind with the fact that slave labor was part of that time in history.  But to  my mind that still did not make it right.  During our tour we were informed how often President Washington and  his wife entertained visitors.  It was frequent.  We were asked how we women would like to entertain that often and my thought was:  "Well, if someone else was doing all of the cooking, cleaning, and laundry  than yes I could entertain quite frequently."  Slavery disturbs my inner being.  The irony of it all...They fought for freedom, their freedom, my freedom, your freedom, and yet they were slave owners.

I am grateful to President Washington and all of the early patriots who fought for my freedom, but I do have a question to ask when I get on the other side.  Did your conscience ever speak to your heart and soul that slave labor was wrong?  Just call me 'Curious' George.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A 'Rose' By Any Other Name Is Still A 'Rose'

It was 1978 when I married and moved to Delta, Utah.  I promptly found employment at the Extended Care Center where I would meet some of my most favorite people of all time.  One of the  first to endear herself to me was Rose.  Rose was about 4' 9" tall and about 3' wide.  She was a delight!  Not your typical LDS woman,  but then neither am I.  Her vocabulary was most colorful and very upfront.  Which was one reason I found her so endearing.  I brought her home one evening to enjoy a meal with my husband and myself.  My mother in law was aghast to think that I would do such a thing.  You see Beulah and Rose both grew up in this area and both grew up on totally different sides of the tracks.   None the less Rose came  and we had a marvelous time together.  But my favorite memory of Rose took place in Fast and Testimony meeting.  For my readers who are not of the LDS faith the first Sunday of every month is Fast and Testimony meeting.  We fast for 24 hours, donate the cost of our meals to the needy and then whomever feels inclined bears their testimony during Sacrament meeting.  A typical testimony might go like such:  "I know the church is true.  I know President Monson is a prophet of God, etc., etc."  Remember Rose was NOT your typical LDS woman thus her testimony was NOT your typical testimony.  Hers went something like this:  "The  blankety blank Bishop would not give my blankety blank husband a Temple recommend because he had a blankety blank affair with another blankety blank woman."  It was quite a lengthy testimony but that is my memory of the event.  Most of the members in attendance were either sleeping soundly or to deaf to hear.  I, thank goodness, fell in to  neither one of those categories!  It is a testimony I will always remember and cherish.  Why? Because of the dear little woman who gave it. I look forward to seeing Rose again when I part this life.  For now I enjoy my memories of her and a relationship with her most wonderful granddaughter Myrt.   Lesson learned...make friends with people from all walks of life, from all sides of the tracks.  If you don't you may miss out on some of the most cherished friendships and memories.  "Memory is the power to have 'roses' in December."  Thanks for the memories Rose!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


She had never been kissed.  He was a pro.  He strode towards her knowing full well what was about to take place.  She was clueless.  He grabbed her adorable face, looked her straight in the eye and planted one on her.  She squealed with delight!  Then just like the man he was he walked away.  My only regret.... I did not have my camera in tow.  Yes, Matthew Bud kissed a pig at the Homecoming Half Time last night here in Delta.  Is this one of the  perks that comes with his new job?  Oh, to be the new kid on the block at D.H.S.!