Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goings and Comings

Finally, a beautiful spring day. No wind. No rain. "Hail no". Warm temperatures. A perfect day to walk to work. Our humble abode is located on the north side of town. My place of employment is located on the south side. I must cross Delta's main street. Located on the corner of 7-11 (north side) and Zions Bank (south side) is the cross walk. In the morning it is always relatively quiet. No fear of oncoming traffic. In the afternoon it is a different story. But traffic always seems to come to a stop for me. Is that because: A. I am a Jennifer Lopez look alike. Beautiful hair, gorgeous body, stilettos, tight get my drift. B. My Maxine attitude. I am 59 I have the right of way. Hello it is a cross walk and pedestrians do have the right of way. Plus, if you hit me I might do some serious damage to your vehicle. Go ahead you decide, is the answer A, is it B, is it both? Just a hint. The Principal of Delta Middle School did phone me last October and told me she saw me working the corners and knew what my Halloween costume should be!! We both got a HUGE chuckle out of that. She is one totally delightful lady!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Egg"-Citement in Delta

On your mark, get set, 'scramble'!

Isaac kind of got 'fried' when he fell on the stairs.

But he did not stay sad long. Once he figured out the system (with help from Grandpa) he was 'sunny side' up!

Max was having a grand time finding eggs.
Grandpa and Grandma were having a grand time
watching little ones search for eggs!
Easter Eggs growing in the Rhubarb plant? Amazing!

It is Grandpa's green thumb.

Ava was all smiles when her dad found the monster egg.

But it was Phil who found the golden egg! Miss Kristina Kay. Our future daughter-in-law. We are way 'egg' cited for the two of them! Congratulations Phil and Kristina! We love ya!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wonder of Wonder, Miracles of Miracles

For all those mothers out there who have teenage children my advice to you is go forward with faith, be believing, and have great hope . Yes, they do mature, some faster than others, but they do learn and grow.

The proof is in the photo. Yes, Liz is a great cook! We so enjoyed her Quesadillas, Spaghetti with delicious meatballs, and to die for Craisin, Dark Chocolate Cookies. Such a pleasant surprise. (I recall those Halie and Liz moments in my kitchen)

It was a joyful, satisfying moment watching her mother her little son. Yes, my Reid is in good hands. Amazing, all amazing. Thanks sis! Missing you and my lil Reid.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Many Faces of Reid...We love em all!

Mom's hair.

Dad's eyes.

Grandpa's drool!

My little subject really does smile,

just not when I am doing a photo shoot! Enjoying the backyard scene with my Grandpa.
"Hey, where did that cat go?"
"Won't someone please help me reach my toes?"

Missing you Reid!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


One minute I have the furnace turned on. The next day I am running my ceiling fan in the living room. Spring weather and menopause have a lot in common don't they?!


My honey invited me to ride out with him

to Eskdale yesterday.

On our return to Delta we had a

stunning view of Notch Peak.

Notch Peak is always more beautiful when viewing

it from west to east.

We have been to the top of Notch Peak.

The road is steep, very steep.

The road is rocky, very rocky.

The road is narrow, very narrow.

It is not for the faint of heart.

The truck was not going top speed,

but my anxiety certainly was.

Once on top the view is breath taking.

One can see all over the valley.

It is so quiet, so still, so peaceful.

Gives one an entire new outlook on life.

The Temple is often referred to as the Mountain of the Lord.

The road to the Temple can be difficult.

It requires sacrifice.

Sacrifice of time, money, and behavior.

But once there the view is breath taking.

So still, so quiet, so peaceful.

A totally different outlook on life as we know it.

I think it is time my honey and I travel this road.

Gotta love those ah ha moments the Lord allows us!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Making My Dreams Come True

Scott removed all of Beulah's brick border in the backyard and stacked them so nice and neat until we could decide what to do with them. I wanted this in my front flower bed and being the nice, kind, and hard working husband that he is he spent Friday evening and all day Saturday working on it. Making sure it met my satisfaction. I love it!!

Scott hard at work. That's my man! I need to buy him a new hat for all his hard work.

Brick work is finished now it is my turn to dig that beautiful black sand into the soil.

Went towards Fillmore for the lovely sand.

Delta has 'lovely' clay.

It was a windy day.

Feeling like 'True Grit'.

Time to go shower.

Thanks Scott, I love it and you!