Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grandchildren.....My Greatest Treasures!

Breakfast at Tiffanys?  Not quite.
Breakfast at Grandma's

 Left to Right:  Isaac, Max, Ava, Jaedon, Sofia, Olivia
Below:  Sof, Livy, and Jaedon playing crack the egg with Grandpa.
'No yolk' Grandpa you are such a good egg to bounce them!
 Grandma, Jaedon, and Livy walked to 7-11 for a Slurpee.  Found a nice shade tree close by to enjoy the moment.
Missing our cute, cute grandchildren!  Nebraska and Wisconsin is too far away for this Grandmother!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Father...Noel Eldon Hardy

The Soldier

The Husband

The fisherman/provider
The protector

My father had many roles during his mortal life.  He had many talents.  Handyman, gardener, mechanic.  In my early years a neighbor referred to me as 'his little shadow.'  My loyalty was to my father.  Even during the  Rangely years, those years that were given over to Jim Beam and Headquarters Bar, I was still loyal to him.  Little did he know those years of adversity would be a spiritual blessing in my life.  When he left Rangely he left that world behind him and once again took up gardening, family life, etc.  It was nice to have him back.  When he left this world he once again spiritually blessed my life.  Thanks for absolutely everything you gave me and did for me.  Your memory will never be forgotten or erased.  Happy Fathers Day, till we meet again!

Friday, June 17, 2011

CSI Delta

Scene of the Crime:  Front flower bed.

Date of the Incident:  Friday, June 17, 2011

Time of the Crime:  Most likely it took place in the early morning hours.

Weapon:  Shovel

Victim:  A Ferret

Investigating Officer Bassett (that would be me) discovered a piece of fur extending out of the dirt in her flower bed.  It somewhat resembled the tail of Gus.  No footprints were visible and the dirt looked as if it had not even been disturbed.  Officer Bassett retrieved a shovel out of the garage and dug under the fur.  Scooping up a critter of some sort and placing it in the back of the truck for further investigation.  What at  first resembled  a clump of fur now had a head and tail . Totally 100% intact.  It was gray, white, with some black on it.  It was also still very supple.  Rigamortis had not yet set in.  I took it to its final resting spot.  Delta dump.

I suppose some teenage child thought this would be a funny prank to see 'old lady Bassett' scream when she dug or pulled it up.  What they did not realize...I have lived out in the country for 30 years developing the attitude of:  "I have fulfilled the purpose of my creation."  No screaming from this Officer.  Not much reaction at all.  Sorry to disappoint.  I might have been annoyed, but I could not but help think:  "This is something Robert Kirby would  have done as a teenager."  Robert Kirby is my age, writes for the Tribune, and is hysterically funny so I am  hoping for the best for the pranksters.  Who knows, they may be the future Bishop who conducts my funeral!  Now that would be funny!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finding Sarah....Finding Self Worth

I admit it, I watched one hour of Sarah and Dr. Phil and Sarah and Suzie Orman.  Sarah is in search of her self worth.  I love human physcology.  I did have moments of sorrow for her and I did have moments when I wondered how much money she stood to make by doing this reality show.  In my opinion she has based her self worth on name, title, position, and income.  I think I would like to send her this quote that came from teaching a Young Womens lesson many years ago.

"Your Individual Worth is NOT determined by your appearance, your performance, or your social acceptance (might I add by your bank account and material possessions, your title or position).  You did not come to this earth to obtain self worth, you brought it with you."  "...trailing clouds of glory, do we come, from God, who is our home"  Wadsworth

I think I would like to send her the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  She needs them more than she needs Dr. Phil, Oprah, and Suzie.  That folks  is my view of the situation.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


"Grandma, you have cracks on your face!"

"Grandma, you snore too loud!"

"Grandma, are you too old to have a baby?"

I think it is time for a face lift and gastric bypass surgery!  But then again they love me in spite of my cracks and big belly so I think I will invest my money more wisely.  Pepsi, chocolate, and grandkids!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thinking Outside The Box

We have been experiencing trouble with our roof.  It  has been a very wet year, which for us has been a plus.  It has helped us to locate a problem that has been going on for some time.  We noticed a stain in the ceiling of our garage.   A square portion of the ceiling was removed and sure enough it was wet up there.  The ceiling has not been repaired. I have (or had) a square hole in my ceiling.  Every time the garage door would open insulation would fall out and litter our floor.  That became an annoyance to say the least.  Not being 'Bob the Builder' the Mr. came up with this very clever method to solve the problem for the time being.

 Notice it is NOT taped up there with duct tape so I do not think he quite qualifies as a red neck.  He just put his creative juices to work and came up with this masterpiece.  No more insulation litter on our floor.  Clever, clever, clever.  Though it does look a little (okay a lot!) 'tack-y'!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Did I mention I LOVE living in town?
Love my house, love my neighborhood, love my yard, love my honey for making it all possible.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mrs. Edward Sissorhands

I may be married to a weed whacker murderer, but Scott is married to Mrs. Sissorhands.  Yes, I was out front dead heading  some flowers when I noticed a very un-welcoming visitor just a strolling up our sidewalk.  The neighbors obviously sprayed for cockroaches so this big guy (or was it a gal?) was headed my way.  I did not  have a moments hesitation.  I cut him in half.  He was still squirming.  I cut him again and I did not even feel bad about it.  One thing we have in town we never had on the farm...cockroaches.  Nasty creatures.

I Married A Weed Whacker Murderer

We purchased 19 Virginia Creepers to plant along our fence line.  We wanted  to add some privacy.  Look how well and healthy the ones planted in the dirt look.

And then....we have the ones that were planted in the grass.  We thought we had purchased some bad vines.  Why they would not grow?  Were they dead when we bought them?  After giving them some 'Scott-ch' blessings they started to come  up from the bottom.

 Phillip came home for the summer and he figured  out our problem.  I am married to a weed whacker murderer!  Wonder how big these will be by wedding time?  Be sure to check them out if you come to the back yard reception.
And, let's hope Scott never learns how to blog....paybacks bite. 
Love ya Mr. Green Thumb

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Highs and The Lows of Our Road Tripping

Mount Rushmore was a definite high even if the wind was blowing 90 miles per hour. 

 We arrived before 'rush hour' which was nice.

 What began as sleeping on a high mattress...

 ended up on a real low.  Way too funny of a story!

 In one small moment Mr. B was able to decapitate the Singaporian soldier.  Sorry Liz!  Of course, this happened right after he deflated the bed.

 The washer we hauled for 1300 some miles ended up as a bug shield!  Though the truck did look worse I promise.  We did manage to road kill our fair share of bugs.

Mr. B traded Mrs. B for a younger looking model.  Some gal he picked up while we were at Wall Drug in South Dakota.   Love his smile!
Scott saw this bumper sticker and wanted to swipe it and place it on our vehicle.  He got quite the laugh out of it and thought it would be so appropriate on our truck.  So tell me Scott, when it was your turn to drive what would people think???  Tee Hee, Tee Hee!!  Betcha didn't think that one all the way through!

There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place Like Home

Seven States
3,000 plus miles
8 days
And many, many pit stops later we are home!!!
Now to post some photos of the reason for the long journey.

Grandchildren!!! Who could ask for anything more?!?  Jon, Grandpa, Sofia, and Princess Livy playing a game

 Jaedon lost his first tooth while we were there.  It made his smile even cuter if that is possible!
 Our little all star up to bat...
 running home...
guarding first.
We left our Nebraska grandchildren and headed to Wisconsin to visit our lil Reid.
An outing at a small zoo.
Keeping Reid in the shade.

Reid was none to happy to be fed to the gator, but Ben seems to be thouroughly enjoying himself!!

Thanks for the memories kids!!  We had a great time.  Wish you all lived closer.  Missing you in Delta!

Monday, June 6, 2011

WARNING!!! You May Want To Scott Proof Your Home

News Alert!!! The second night in Wisconsin (are you ready for this?). Mr. B woke up in the middle of the night crashing in to baby toys on his way to the bathroom. Now it was my turn. Phil would have been proud. Like a good soldier I dodged all the baby warfare. While in the bathroom I heard a crash and some very quiet cursing. Mr. B had, in one sweeping move decapitated Alizabeth's Singaporian soldier. I avoided the land mines and Scott killed the enemy. But the best was yet to come! Mr. B decided to inflate the blow up mattress. He just did not know when enough was enough. We heard it, we felt it. I retired to a corner of the couch. Scott slept in the middle of a deflating bed. He looked like he was sleeping in a Pontoon boat. And to think my biggest concern was dealing with a tornado! What a whirlwind of a night! Pictures will be posted at a later date.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Time Plus Crisis Equals Humor

Departure time: 5:00 A.M. Suitcase, check. Curling iron, check toothbrush, toothpaste check, check. Ruby red shoes, check. Just in case we ran into a tornado and I ended up in the land of Oz I wanted to be able to get home! Fifteen hour drive from Delta to Omaha. Our goal was to make the journey in one day. We had only been driving ten minutes when Scott had to stop and make certain the washer we were hauling across country was still in place. This was my first clue that this would be a very  l o n g drive. He kept insisting we needed to stop at Walmart and purchase another strap for the washer. He was driving. He drove right past the Walmart in Springville. He turned the driving over to me as soon as we hit Provo Canyon informing me we needed to stop at Walmart in Heber. I informed him Heber did not have a Walmart why did he not stop in Springville? Yes, it would prove to be a horribly l o n g day! The best being when we went into Cheyenne, looking for?  What else... a Walmart!!! We stopped for lunch. Scott asked for directions to Walmart, not once, not twice, but three times. We left and one mile later he was lost! We pulled into a gas station, I went in and asked for directions. I think that was when it dawned on me Scott was thinking first exit at the north end of town and the girl was referring to the first exit at the south end of town!!! I then took over the wheel, removed the church c.d. Scott was listening to and turned on the radio. Yes, boot stomping country music. Where they need a drink, maybe even two or three!!! You get my jest. Drove to Walmart, repositioned our cargo straps, put Scott in the passenger seat (time out for him) and seriously considered placing his night time med in his drink. And to think I was worried about tornadoes!