Thursday, April 10, 2014


I distinctly remember  some years ago attending a Stake Conference meeting with feelings of frustration and anger.  I told President Clayton in the next life women were going to have the Priesthood and the men would stay home to get the children and food ready!  He laughed and informed me I did not have to wait for the next life.  I just needed to go to the Philippines where some women in the church were performing Priesthood duties.  He proceeded to laughingly tell me the story.  I must say I was not amused.  You see my husband served as Ward Clerk and Stake Clerk for numerous years.  While he attended "spiritual, uplifting meetings" I attended to the needs of four children and myself .  Oh how well I remember experiencing those feelings of frustration, anger and discontent.  But as time went on I came to recognize and realize that I was beginning to see that for me my "calling" was  the far more rewarding and important calling.  My apologies to all Priesthood holders.  Children grow fast and time quickly passes on. My children aged and so did I.  I have since served in numerous Ward and Stake leadership callings.  I have attended those early morning Sunday meetings and I must say they in no way compare to those long ago early morning " meetings" with four small children.  My preference being the early morning meetings with my small children.  You may wonder the point of this post.  The 184th General Conference has come and gone.  With it the usual groups who picket and protest certain standards or doctrine of the Church. One such group is entitled:  Ordain Women.  Mormon women seeking equality and ordination to the priesthood.  I, personally do not agree with these women.  I have dealt with and solved that issue for myself years ago. I am very happy with my role.  I love it! I also love Elder Dallin H. Oaks quote from the Priesthood Session of Conference.  "In the eyes of God, whether in the Church or in the family, women and men are equal, with different responsibilities." — Dallin H Oaks  
I LOVE my responsibilities,  especially now that they have given me some adorable, darling, perfect little dividends!