Monday, February 28, 2011

Picture This

Picture this. Delta, Utah. Sunday February 27th. Grandpa is at the dining room table playing a mean game of Pollyanna with Max. Ava is playing in the front room. Grandma is cooking dinner. Isaac is...M.I.A. The power surges way low, comes back on, surges way low and goes off. All thoughts turn to Isaac. We look upstairs , downstairs, everywhich way. He is in a bedroom. All is well. Time to eat. No lights. No T.V. blaring. No washer and dryer running. All is quiet on the homefront. But only for a small moment. Grandpa takes Ava a glass of water. Grandpa steps on a sharp object. Grandpa spills Ava's water. The identified sharp object is a cookie cutter left out by Isaac. Grandpa is in his bare feet. Grandpa lets out a typical 'Scott scream' followed by some unmentionables. Three small children at the table are awestruck. Total silence. Until...........Isaac, with his eyes wide open says: "OH NO!" Followed by fits of laughter.

Max, Ava, and Isaac have come for a visit while mom is on bedrest. They will be here a week. I have called poison control once, I have had one half of a bottle of liquid comet poured down my toilet, on the seat, and on my bathroom rug, a pool of liquid soap dispensed in my hall, lotion on my dining room table, and my cats are in hiding. Isaac is somewhat similar to Superman. He is faster than a speeding bullet (okay, faster than Grandma and Grandpa) when it comes to locating trouble. Grandma was going to make a little advent calendar for Max, Ava, and Isaac so they could count down their days until time to go home, but I have changed my mind. I am going to make an advent calendar for Grandpa and Grandma!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Month of Sundays

Reflecting back on the last 4 Sundays we have experienced quite the diverse Sabbaths!
Sunday, January 30 found us sitting in a pew in the Cathedrale Basilia of Saint Joseph in downtown San Jose. Quite different from what we are use to. Artwork everywhere depicting the crucified Christ. Stain glass windows. Relaxed clothing attire. A priest conducting, presiding, speaking, blessing the sacrament, etc. Music provided mostly by the pianist and priest, both of whom had gorgeous voices! So good they could be singing for the "Mormon Tabernacle Choir."
Sunday, February 6th found us back sitting in the same pew we always try to sit in. First come first 'sit' basis, but I do like the same spot each week. As do most of our ward members. Easy to spot who is absent. No stain glass windows, few windows indeed. Sunday best dress. Zero artwork. Bishop LeFevre presiding, Brother Williams conducting, 16 year old young men blessing the Sacrament, 12 year old young men passing it, and any member of the congregation who feels so inclined sharing their testimony with the congregation. Music provided by the congregation.
Sunday, February 13th found us in Logan attending a singles ward with Phillip and Kristina. Typical in many ways to our home ward. The biggest difference being the fact that it was deafeningly quiet during the Sacrament! So quiet we all heard a certain someones stomach growl! Not once, but twice! Could not decide if Scott was still hungry or just digesting his light breakfast. Singles Ward means just that- Singles! Ages range from 18 to 20 something. Mostly college students. I was missing the sound of children. I was missing the fact that I did not have to bribe or threaten 'my baby' to be quiet. Heck, I did not even have to nudge him to wake him up!
Sunday, February 20th found us in Hinckley, Utah attending Delta Utah West Stake Conference. No windows, no artwork, 600 plus in attendance. All ages, shapes, and sizes. Elder Packer from the Quorum of Seventy presiding, President Killpack conducting. Members of the outgoing Stake Presidency along with their wives speaking. Members of the new Stake Presidency along with their wives also speaking. With time to hear from Elder Butler and Elder Packer. It was good to be home! Yes, we are still having a difficult time adjusting to a new ward and new stake. As I looked around at all those in the audience I felt such a love for these people.
For me the 2 most notable differences in the Catholic and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are:
1. The Catholic church focuses on the crucified Christ whereas the L.D.S. church focuses on the resurrected, living Christ.
2. The Catholic church has a paid clergy whereas in the L.D.S. church it is all a matter of service, no paid clergy.
The most notable similarity:
The members. All children of God. All carrying burdens. All dearly loved and personally known by their Savior. The doctrine and practices may be different , but the people are the same. All His.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"May I Have The Envelope Please"

This years 2010 Academy Award Winner goes to...........Scott Petersen Bassett for his hard working performance for the last 32 years in "Cemetery Junction", "Buried", and "I 'Mowed' On Your Grave." After 32 years of dedicated service he has , with some sense of sadness, retired from his position as Sutherland Caretaker. During this time the Cemetery has grown from 3 rather dried up areas adorned with 'pioneer trees' and sage brush to 6 green and fertile divisions with many trees of differing varieties. What will Memorial Day be like with a weekend of sleep? We shall find out this year. Perhaps we shall have time to reflect upon the many memories the Cemetery job has afforded our family. Two little brothers playing 'cemetery' in the yard. Little rocks made for the most fantastic headstones! Two a.m water changes dressed only in a night shirt. Who would have expected to see Fred Turner at the Cem at that time of the morning! Eagle Scout projects: trees planted, shed built, shed painted, directory established, and shed painted again and again! Remember when your dad hand washed every single headstone! No bird doo doo allowed at this cememtery. Of course, it was always great fun to 'listen' (sometimes you could hear them a mile away) to Scott and big brother Howard as they tried to locate the deceased so they would know just where to place the newly deceased. I think for a while they truly believed Max Johnsons wife had resurrected: body, coffin, and vault all! Yes, those were some good years, some good times. And, all of you children receive an award for best supporting actors and actress. He could not have done it without you. Thanks

Saturday, February 19, 2011

And the winner is....

This years nominees for their outstanding performances in 2010 are:
(Drum Roll please)
Jonathan and Phillip
for their Patriotic Performance in:
"Universal Soldier 3"
Alizabeth, Laura, and Melanie
for their Picture Perfect Performance in
"Mother and Child"
for her Skillful Performance in:
"Secretari-at" DECC
for his various Hard Working Performances in:
"Cemetery Junction", "Buried", and " I Spit?(let's change that to mowed) on Your Grave."
for his Superb Defending Performances in:
"Conviction", "Case 39", and "Defendor"
for his Love-ly Performance in:
"Date Night"
Best Supporting Actress in this event goes to
the stunning
Kristina Kay.
for his Fleeting Performance in:
"Tooth Fairy"
for her Enduring Performance in
"Going the Distance" 10/24/2010
Scott and Claudia
for their Constant, Continual, and On Going Performances in:
"The Crazies"
for his Studious Performance in:
"The Lovely Bones"
Gus and Molly
for their Annoying Performance in:
Phillip and Kristina
for their Adoring Performances in:
"Gnomeo and Juliette"
Laura and Melanie
for their Patient Performance in:
"Due Date"
The Bassett Family
for their Outstanding Performances in:
"We Are Family"
Don't forget to cast your vote!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yesterday morning before coming to work I stopped at the local grocery store to purchase some cheese and crackers. I informed the cashier (remember Delta is a small town and we are all on first name basis, no I was not spilling my guts to a total stranger though I would probably not have any trouble doing that) of my plan concerning this purchase. I told her if my plan was 100% disastrous I would be back in for an application form. You see each day (well each day that I remember and have time) I post a "Thought for the Day" on our office whiteboard. Here is yesterdays thought provoking thought:
"Have a little cheese with your whine"
(cheese, crackers, and heart healthy wine in the fridge)
Yes, things have been a little 'whiny' around here. What do you expect when you employ 23 alpha females and two beta males? In the office one is privy to a lot of comments. I thought this was a hysterical thought for the day considering the circumstances (which I will keep private-private meaning not posted on the blog.) Well, it received one hearty deep gut laugh, four chuckles, and one regular laugh. Thank goodness my boss was one that found it humorous and I will not be on the unemployed list. Now here is my thought for today:

"If you whine about the people whining to you does that make you a whiner?"
Go and enjoy some cheese and crackers Claudia.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sinner, Slacker, or Social Anxiety Disorder...Call it what you may

One ringy dingy, two ringy dingies..."Hello, this is 'so and so' and I was calling to see if you could bring (note she did not say furnish) a treat to Relief Society Meeting (aka Enrichment, Homemaking, etc.) I knew this tactic. I knew it well. I had used it before while serving in Relief Society. The more people you involve at the meeting, the greater your attendance. I replied that I would be absolutely delighted to 'furnish' a treat for the sisters of Delta Fifth Ward. What time would she like me to deliver it to her house so she could take it? She did inform me that the reason they were involving me was to get me there. Yes, this I knew. I was not born yesterday or the day before. Actually, it was a little over 59 years ago, but I did politely explain I do not attend week night Relief Society meetings. I know, I know, shame on me. But I vividly recall when a Bishop asked me in an interview why I did not attend 'Homemaking'. The answer was honest and simple. I prefer staying at home with my family. He burst out laughing and said: "Good for you!" I guess I interpeted that response to imply that it was a okay for me not to attend evening RS meetings. Call me a sinner, call me a slacker, but don't call me 'to bring' treats! Furnish yes bring no.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Beauty of San Jose

Of course, I would find beauty in the eating establishments!
We tried Thai food, India food, Seafood, and good ole
American Rock and Roll food at Johnny Rockets.
It was a blast from the past!
Hamburgers, fries, shake... all served with a smile!!
What more could one ask for?
A coke!
We left the Delta fog, cold and left over snow behind.
We were greeted with warm weather
and the beautiful flora gracing the streets of the city.
From our hotel window we could see the beautiful
Cathedral Basilia Of Saint Joseph.
We enjoyed the bells that rang, the beauty of the building inside
and out, and the mass we attended Saturday afternooon.
This view actually made me feel for a moment as if I was in Europe.
Isn't it lovely!

As with anywhere I travel the true beauty lies in the people.
We came upon this street in perfect timing. It was the grand
re-opening of La Victoria restaurant. Loved the music.
A Mexican band with a hint of German. A mexican polka type of music.
Not only were the people dancing, but also these two horses!
This one even took a bow!
Bravo, Bravo!This beautiful mama was dancing in the street with
her adorable little girl.
She consented to letting me take their photo.
Thank you mother and child!
Gorgeous aren't they?!
Thanks to Scott for letting me tag along. I truly did enjoy myself,
but I do find I am somewhat like Dorothy...
there is no place like home!