Saturday, April 18, 2015

Imagine That!

Can someone please explain to me why children become  hyper active in the evening and I become hypo-inactive (if that is such a word.)

Well, Mr. B and Mrs. B outsmarted them this time!!

While playing a game of Crazy Eights with Max (age 10) and Isaac (age 6)   Mr. and Mrs. B started to wind down.  Not so with the boys.  They began to wind up and the silliness side of them kicked in.  Realizing they were not into card playing I subtly suggested (okay I admit it was really more of a demand) that we walk over to the track and do a lap.  They thought that was a great idea.  We walked, they ran and walked and walked and ran.  When we returned home I subtly suggested that the boys do tricks on the trampoline while Mr. and Mrs. B cheered them on.  They love an audience!  So we watched until 8:45 as they flipped, turned and bounced.  At 9:00 pm both boys were tired and ready for bed.

Imagine that!! 

P.S. Isaac wins the longest tongue award!


  1. Oh my gosh! His tongue is so long. He could pick his nose with it!

  2. He couldn't exactly pick it, but he certainly could lick snot!!! He is so dang funny. I call him "Tongue" now! Thank heaven for Grandma and her resourcefulness. I was beginning to get a little cranky with them when she suggested we take a walk. I thought she was crazy, but it worked its magic!