Monday, April 6, 2015

The Coming of Age

There is something magical that happens with the aging process.  In fact, it can be quite wonderful.  For example,  Easter morning found Mr. B out watering flower beds.  Mrs. B saw this taking place and did not give it much thought.  Until....time to hide the Easter Eggs in the yard for the 6 little munchkins coming our way! Mr. B and Mrs. B filled the eggs and Mr. B #1 and Mr. B #4  hid the the flower beds, grass, anywhere they could think of.  Six 'eggcited' children were turned lose on the playing field.  After retrieving all the plastic eggs  we came inside to check out our loot. (Did I mention quite a few eggs were hidden in flower beds, wet and muddy flower beds?)

Today I am cleaning up dirt.  Yes, the water and dirt made mud.  The mud came into the house via shoes, it dried out  and today I am vacuuming and mopping up dirt, oh and let's not forget the Doritos Chips that are squished on the floor.

At age 30 I would have been cussing Mr. B for watering flower beds right before the big hunt.  At age 30 I would have picked up on it the minute I saw it happening!   At age 60 something I find it quite funny on both our parts.  I am very grateful in planning the re-modeling of this house, with its open floor plan,  I made it child proof.   For both the young and the mindless!

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  1. Love the blog! Love the blogger! She has such class and is so forgiving of her husband's failing memory and abilities. Sorry about the mud...