Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Paul Harvey and The Rest of the Story!

Yesterday I shared my story of Mrs. Mal Singh Sidhu-Brar.  After my Temple excursion I came home and Google Searched this woman.  Which took me to Family Search.  There I could see her spread sheet and other information.  There was also an email address.  I sent an email to this person thanking them for allowing me to do her work.  I never heard back from them....that is until today.  I must share with you this email I received.  

"Thanks for your email. Sidhu is my mother's maiden name. Brar is my sister's husband's name. Some descendants of Sidhu Rao Bhatti, where Sidhu and Brar names begin, go by Sidhu, Brar or Sidhu Brar. These Punjabi women are tall, sturdy, healthy and have large families. They help with the farm work, milk buffalos, cows and feed the oxen, camels and goats. They grew most of their food on their farm. An average size of the farm was about 40 acres. They grew wheat, corn, split-peas, cotton, alfalfa, sugarcane, Jute, and vegetables. They made their own brown sugar, mustard oil, and cotton cloth. The spin-wheel was common. They slept on home-made cots, made their own butter, buttermilk, yogurt, mustard greens and cooked them. They made bread from their own wheat and corn. I enjoyed this kind of farm life for 19 years before I came to USA in 1954. Thanks for doing the work
for one my relatives."

I LOVED hearing about her life, which I suppose should light a fire under me to do my own ancestors and discover their lives.  Gotta love the Gospel!

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  1. Cool answer to your e-mail query. It's great to know about your ancestry, but it's fun to learn of other's ancestry as well.