Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Signed, sealed, delivered and returned to sender!

The two little boys informed the Instructional Assistant that  'said child' had 'flipped them off' at the lunch table.  The 'said child' was sent to the office where I questioned (to myself) his accountability.  Two days later the two little boys informed the Instructional Assistant that  'said child' called them 'bad names.'  My suggestion was to separate the two little boys.  I think they were on to something.

One month later an entirely different Instructional Assistant brought the two little boys to the office.  A mother complained they were shouting obscenities at her.  The boys missed their morning recess and spent the time in the office.

The next day, after a visit from another mother, it was all surmised that the mother who complained had made up the obscenity story in order to get one of the boys in trouble.  Let's just say family history at play.

I am 100% certain the two little boys did not shout obscenities at the adult.  I am also 100% certain the two little boys totally fabricated the stories about 'said child.'

Karma is an interesting thing is it not?  No matter the age we all experience it at one point or another.  Paybacks can either 'bite us in the butt' or 'fill our well'.  It all depends on what we choose to send out.  Personally, I have experienced both consequences.  Obviously depending on what I  have chosen to send out!!

Happy day everyone!

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  1. Loved your post!!! Karma can be good. Karma can be bad. We've all experienced both!